Phoenix AIO Bot

Shoe bots are built to make checkouts on online stores easy and quick. Sadly, only a handful of sneaker bots actually leave up to that expectation. The majority are either blocked by anti-botting algorithms or captchas on popular shoe sites. Phoenix AIO bot is among the few high-end bots that pack some of the latest features for the best sneaker copping experience.

What is Phoenix AIO Bot?

Phoenix AIO bot is a software program that allows users to automate checkouts for limited-edition sneakers, clothes, and other hyped items ordered on online stores. The sneaker bot is based on the command-line interface (CLI), making it suitable for use by any category of botters; absolute beginners as well as established resellers and sneakerheads.

The learning curve is also fairly easy – check out the documentation on the discord for detailed guides on how to get started.

Phoenix AIO Bot supports a number of sneaker sites including FootLocker, Off White, Supreme US/EU/JP, Footshop, AW Lab, Shopify, among others.

The sneaker bot is mainly compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. Versions for other operating systems are still under development.

Like most top-level sneaker bots, Phoenix AIO supports automatic monitoring for restocks and releases of limited edition sneakers. That way, you won’t ever miss out on an initial drop. Lastly, they have a very professional customer support team that’s at your service 24/7.

How it works

As aforementioned, this shoe bot is built for all categories of botters, beginners, and pros alike. Here are some steps to get you cooking sneakers with the Phoenix AIO bot:

  • The first thing you need to do is log in to your discord account.
  • Once you’ve accessed the discord, proceed to log in to your Phoenix AIO dashboard. Use the same login credentials used on your discord account.
  • Activate the dashboard by entering the bot key when prompted to do so.
  • With the dashboard ready, start by setting up profiles. These are basically user address information that the bot enters on sneaker sites during checkouts. You need to generate a number of profiles if you intend to make a couple of purchases of those on-demand sneakers. Alternatively, you can import profiles from leading profiles managers.
  • Next, create the proxies. For successful copping, you need proxies to hide your identity. That’s important, especially when checking out multiple products simultaneously.
  • Lastly, create your tasks. These are the hyped items you wish to order using the Phoenix AIO bot. After setting up tasks, you can now initiate the checkout process by getting the bot to work. It’s that easy.

Phoenix AIO Bot Features

A number of powerful features make Phoenix the go-to sneaker bot for resellers and sneakerheads. Some of the features include:

  • Intuitive CLI based user interface

CLI-based bots allow users to create and call tasks & profiles with simple commands. This makes Phoenix not just beginner-ready, but also suitable for fast botting of sneaker sites.

  • Operating systems

Currently, Phoenix is only compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. If your machine is using a different OS, you may want to change to one of these two or simply drop them a line on their social networks.

  • Restock monitoring mode

The bot automatically tracks restock and release trends for your favorite limited-edition sneakers and provides updates just in time for copping. Beginners and other botters who, for one reason or the other, aren’t in any active cook groups will find this very invaluable.

  • 24/7 dedicated customer support

For any help with the setup process or any other related enquiries, you can count on the professional customer support team for assistance round the clock.

  • Supported sites

The shoe bot supports a number of sneaker sites including Footlocker, Supreme, Footshop, Aw Lab, Shopify, among others.

  • Social networks

For the latest updates on restocks and releases of limited edition sneakers and apparel, check out their Twitter handle: PhoenixAIO Bot Twitter.

Get started with Phoenix AIO Bot today

For experienced botters or beginners looking for a sneaker bot with proven success rates, the Phoenix AIO bot is all that you need. Better your chances of buying your favorite on-demand footwear and apparel anytime a new edition is released.


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