Kinesis AIO

Buying gaming consoles, high-end footwear, or apparel has become quite a challenge of late. The sheer level of competition experienced whenever one of those on-demand hype items drops is unimaginable. Yet, that doesn’t dampen the resolve of established botters and beginners alike when it comes to securing these products. With high-performance botting tools such as Kinesis AIO, it’s possible to beat the competition and get your hands on one of those limited-edition sneakers, gaming consoles, apparel, among other items.

What’s Kinesis AIO?

Kinesis is a software program that allows users to cop high-end items such as sneakers, apparel, gaming consoles, among other items from online retail stores.

The bot has an intuitive user interface that’s CLI-based. Meaning, task creation, as well as setting up profiles and proxies, is done by simply typing in simple commands. That makes Kinesis AIO the go-to botting software for beginners as well as expert sneakerheads and resellers.

Kinesis AIO

Currently, the shoe bot is only compatible with Windows and macOS. If you’re using a different operating system, consider switching to either of the two.

Kinesis packs an integrated anti-bot protection feature that allows users to cop sneakers on otherwise hard-to-bot sneaker sites. Its infrastructure is not only intricate but also very innovative and adaptable, thus adding to your odds of success when copping with sneakers and other hype items.

How it works

To get started with Kinesis AIO, follow these steps:

  • On the official site, sign in to the discord and dashboard. You’ll need your bot key to access the dashboard.
  • In the dashboard, start by setting up your tasks – product info for the limited edition sneakers, gaming consoles, apparel, and other items that you intend to check out using the bot. Kinesis AIO, like most top-tier sneaker bots, supports multiple tasks. The more tasks you create, the more products you can check out from different retail outlets concurrently.
  • After creating tasks, go ahead and set up your profiles; the shipping addresses that the bot auto-fills on site when checking out products. You have the option of creating the profiles by yourself or simply importing pre-made profiles from industry profile managers.
  • Next, you need to set up your proxy groups. The bot needs proxies to conceal your identity. Like the case with profiles, Kinesis has two options for creating proxies; manual setup or importation.

With the tasks, profiles, and proxies all set, what you are left to do is set the bot to the task. Considering its impressive success rate and remarkable checkout speeds, you have the best chance to cop limited edition sneakers or apparel from any supported site.

Kinesis AIO Features

  • Operating systems

For now, the shoe bot only supports Mac and Windows operating systems. Apparently, almost all sneaker bots support only these two operating systems.

  • Supported online stores

The bot supports a number of online sneaker outlets. Some of these include BestBuy, Supreme, YeezySupply, FootShop, Footsites, among others.

  • Beginner-friendly

Kinesis is based on the command-line interface, which makes it ideal for both beginners and expert botters alike.

  • Restock mode support

The sneaker bot uses webhooks to send users timely notifications about the latest product releases and restocks. That way, you’re sure never to miss a drop even when you are far from your PC.

  • Superior checkout speeds

Besides its capacity to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, Kinesis AIO also executes checkouts in seconds, thus ensuring you always secure on-demand sneakers and other converted items whenever they drop.

  • Giveaways

Members are usually treated to incredible giveaways on a monthly basis. If you’d love to win any of their amazing gifts, check out their Twitter handle.

Social media networks

Catch up on the latest updates on product releases, releases, and giveaways by following Kinesis AIO Twitter.

Get started with Kinesis AIO today

If you’re looking for a botting tool that guarantees faster checkout speeds, is easy to use, and is recommended for both beginners and pro botters, you can never go wrong with the Kinesis AIO sneaker bot.


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