If you’re looking for an affordable high-performance all-in-one (AIO) software to help with the automation of exclusive footwear and apparel purchases, try the KageAIO automation bot and you’ll never regret it.

What’s KageAIO?

The current version of the KageAIO automation bot works best on sites such as Walmart, Lady’s Footlocker, Kids Footlocker, Eastbay, Champs Sport, Footaction, Footlocker, and Footlocker Canada. And that’s not all. This bot also works magic on raffle sites.



Yes, that’s right! With the KageAIO bot, you can actually play and win footsite raffles from top raffle sites. Just make sure to spoof your actual location with a suitable proxy network while using the bot. Moreover, it’s recommended to always make purchases via your FLX accounts in order to increase your odds of winning footsite raffles.

How KageAIO automation bot works

Follow these steps to set up and put the KageAIO automation shoe bot to action.

  • First login to the discord and head over to the updates channel in order to access the latest version of the KageAIO bot.
  • Download and install the version that matches your machine’s operating system, mac, or windows. After installing, you will be greeted with the KageAIO CLI dashboard.
  • Access all the available commands by simply typing -h and hitting Enter.
  • Activate your key by typing key- then press Enter.
  • Set up and import your proxies and profiles. When all that’s over and done, go ahead and create tasks.
  • To do that, simply type create-task then hit Enter. A list of 3 tasks will appear; drop site, raffle task, and account creator. Select your task then proceed as prompted.
  • Type task-watch and press Enter to track the task execution process on your screen. To end that process, simply hit Enter.


  • To get help with any of the commands on the CLI dashboard, sequentially hit Enter after typing each of these: -h helper.

Kage AIO Bot Features

Support on standby

They have a professional support team that’s always at your service 24/7. Whether you’re an expert or a novice just starting out, you can always count on these guys to help you secure those on-demand sneakers and clothing. Alternatively, you can channels your concerns via email to [email protected]

Supports most top footsites and Walmart

The bot increases your odds of making sneaker purchases from online stores such as Champs Sport, Eastbay, Kids Footlocker, Lady’s Footlocker, Footlocker Canada, and Walmart.

Supports top raffle sites

With KageAIO, you can enter and win raffle sites by simply spoofing your identity with proxies.

Supports Foot Locker X (FLX) membership accounts

When you make purchases of limited edition sneakers through your FLX account you gain points that you can later redeem for offers. Buying raffle tickets through your FLX account also raises your odds of winning.

Integrated 2Captcha & Anti-Captcha APIs

KageAIO has a powerful captcha solving algorithm that automatically overrides captchas on any footsite.

Profile importation

While it’s possible to create your own profiles, this shoe bot also allows you to import profiles from industry-leading profile managers straight into your dashboard. That saves you time to research and cop other sneaker sites.

Crazy KageAIO bot discounts

With this bot, users get access to some of the best discounts for top-of-the-line cook groups, web servers, and web proxies.


Their pricing model is subscription-based and is not only flexible but also affordable. They have 2 plans: $300 one time + $45 monthly renewals plan & a lifetime plan of $500 one-time payment.

Supported operating systems

Currently, the bot is only compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. Versions for other operating systems are soon to be released.

Multitask editing

KageAIO bot supports multiple task executions and bulk editing on the fly. That affords you time to do other stuff while the bot handles your sneaker purchases.

Get started with KageAIO today

Join thousands of top-level sneakerheads and sneaker resellers who are already using the KageAIO automation bot for sneaker copping and stand a chance to buy your dream hype footwear and clothes today. For updates on the latest releases and keys whenever we restock, you may want to keep an eye on their social media accounts: KageAIO Twitter and KageAIO Instagram.



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