Changemyip Proxies Review

ChangemyIP Proxies delivers a powerful combination of velocity, security, and cost-efficiency as a datacenter proxy provider.

This service caters to a broad audience, encompassing both individual users and corporate entities, offering a wide array of features designed to maximize performance and maintain user anonymity.

In our detailed review, we will examine the multifaceted services provided by ChangemyIP Proxies, highlighting the unique aspects that differentiate them in the competitive landscape of proxy services.

Changemyip Proxies Features

Changemyip Proxies Features

Changemyip offers an array of features that cater to both individual and business needs in the proxy landscape. Below is a detailed rundown of the main features provided by Changemyip:

  • Full Anonymity: Changemyip ensures that users enjoy complete anonymity while browsing. By routing traffic through their servers, your original IP address is masked, making your online activities untraceable back to your device.
  • High-Speed Connections: Performance is paramount when it comes to proxies. Changemyip’s servers are powered by 1Gb/s network ports, ensuring that users experience minimal lag, if any, while browsing or performing data-intensive tasks.
  • Competitive Pricing: Changemyip prides itself on offering top-tier proxy services at affordable rates. Their pricing structure is designed to provide maximum value, striking a balance between quality and cost.
  • No Restrictions: Changemyip proxies stand out for their flexibility and minimal usage restrictions. They prohibit using their IPs for torrenting, but otherwise, users enjoy a wide range of permissible online activities as long as they’re legal.
  • Multiple IP Subnets: Changemyip offers a variety of IP subnets, which is particularly beneficial for tasks that require different IP ranges, such as web scraping or multi-account operations.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Users are not restricted by data limits, allowing for continuous browsing, streaming, or data scraping without concerns about exhausting bandwidth quotas.
  • Instant Activation: Time is of the essence, and Changemyip understands this. Their proxies come with instant activation, ensuring that users can get started without unnecessary delays.
  • Compatibility: Whether you’re using a specific application or a general browser, Changemyip proxies are designed to be universally compatible, ensuring seamless integration and usage.

Changemyip Proxies Products

Changemyip Proxies Products

Changemyip offers dedicated and shared proxies. Both dedicated and shared proxy solutions come with their set of advantages. While the dedicated proxies guarantee exclusivity and optimal performance, the shared proxies offer a cost-effective solution for those willing to share resources.

Depending on individual needs and preferences, users can choose the option that best aligns with their requirements.

Changemyip Dedicated Socks & Proxies:

Changemyip’s dedicated Socks and HTTP proxies are known for their top-tier performance and exclusivity. Designed for users prioritizing speed and dedicated resources, these proxies are versatile, easily syncing with any app or browser. They emphasize complete anonymity, keeping users’ activities and identities hidden. With powerful 1Gb/s+ connections, they promise fast and lag-free browsing.

Their appeal is further enhanced by access to multiple IP subnets, suitable for varied online tasks like web scraping or multi-account management. The unlimited bandwidth ensures no browsing limits, and instant activation means no waiting to get started. The hallmark of Changemyip’s dedicated proxies is their individualized IP addresses, ensuring a private and secure browsing experience for each user.

Changemyip Shared Socks & Proxies:

On the other end of the spectrum, Changemyip offers shared Socks and HTTP proxies designed for those seeking a more cost-effective solution without compromising on essential features.

Like their dedicated counterparts, these proxies are universally compatible, effortlessly working with various applications and browsers. They uphold the principle of full anonymity, making sure users remain undetected in the vast online realm.

However, shared resources mean that users might experience occasional lags during high-traffic periods. The availability of multiple IP subnets facilitates diverse online activities.

While there’s no limit on bandwidth, it’s shared across users, potentially affecting speeds. The instant activation feature ensures quick access, but it’s worth noting that several users might share a single IP, which can influence performance and user experience.

Difference Between Socks and HTTP Proxies from Changemyip

Selecting between ChangeMyIP’s HTTP and SOCKS proxies hinges on the specific requirements of your online tasks. HTTP proxies are tailored for web-centric activities, excelling in web browsing and scraping, with capabilities to analyze and manage web traffic. They shine in roles that demand content filtering, including cybersecurity measures and safeguarding email communications.

Conversely, SOCKS proxies are versatile and protocol-neutral, thus, they can handle any type of network traffic. This adaptability makes them a prime choice for P2P file sharing, media streaming, and circumventing firewall constraints. They are particularly adept at handling substantial data transfers without altering the traffic content.

HTTP proxies are specialized for managing HTTP(S) traffic and offer seamless browser integration. SOCKS proxies, especially the advanced SOCKS5 version, are designed to support a broader spectrum of internet protocols, such as TCP and UDP, accommodating a vast array of network activities.

Security-wise, Changemyip’s HTTP proxies provide defensive measures against malicious content. In contrast, SOCKS proxies, while not inherently¬†encrypting traffic, can be paired with encryption tools to enhance security protocols.

Changemyip Proxies Price

Changemyip Proxies Price

Changemyip positions itself as a cost-effective and trustworthy proxy provider. Although it lacks a free trial offering, the service mitigates this with a reassuring money-back guarantee. This policy ensures that if the proxies do not meet the advertised standards, customers can receive a refund, thereby reinforcing a commitment to user satisfaction.

Changemyip streamlines proxy selection with a dynamic slider for choosing 1 to 100 IPs, instantly displaying costs for shared and dedicated options. Affordable dedicated HTTP proxies start at $1.80, with shared proxies at $1 per IP, and SOCKS proxies at $3 or $1, depending on the type.

The service rewards volume purchases with attractive discounts: a 6% discount on orders between 50 to 99 IPs and a significant 15% discount on orders of 100 IPs or more, encouraging bulk procurement.

For users with larger demands, Changemyip is accommodating beyond the apparent 100 IP limit indicated by the slider. By arranging the purchase of multiple packages or engaging with their support team, users can potentially secure custom packages tailored to their extensive needs, which could also offer additional savings and streamline the acquisition process.

Changemyip Proxies Locations

Changemyip Proxies Locations

Changemyip stands out in the datacenter proxy market primarily due to its exceptional geographical coverage. Unlike many datacenter proxy providers who struggle with offering a wide range of locations due to the necessity of physical data centers or local partnerships, Changemyip has successfully navigated these challenges.

With data centers in 30 countries spread across key continents such as North America, Europe, and Asia, Changemyip demonstrates a remarkable global presence.

The United States represents a point of distinction for Changemyip, showcasing their unique approach to location coverage. While in most supported countries, Changemyip operates one or two data centers, limiting location specificity, the situation in the US is quite different.

Here, Changemyip boasts a network that spans over 20 states, offering a plethora of options for state and city IP selection.

This extensive network within the US is particularly advantageous for users who require precise IP targeting. With data centers located in multiple cities across various states, customers have the flexibility to select IPs from specific states and even cities, tailoring their IP choice to their exact needs.

This feature is especially beneficial for tasks that necessitate a high level of geographical precision, such as localized content access, geo-targeted marketing, or regional data scraping.

It is important to note that the selection of state and city-specific IPs is facilitated at the point of purchase, highlighting the static nature of the IPs provided by Changemyip.

This ensures that users can secure and maintain consistent IP addresses for their operations, which is a critical requirement for certain applications such as web scraping and online presence management.


ChangemyIP emerges as a reliable provider specializing in datacenter proxies, distinguishing itself from those who prioritize performance and a broad selection of locations, particularly in the United States.

Overall, the balance of features, performance, and customer assurance measures make ChangemyIP a worthwhile consideration for those in need of reliable datacenter proxy solutions.


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