Whether you’re a hype beast, a seasoned botter, or a beginner just trying to get your head around how to cop sneakers, you definitely know that it all starts with the best botting software. With so many bots to choose from, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell apart the best from average sneaker bots. That notwithstanding, it’s also undeniable that high-end copping bots are simply hard to overlook. CandyPreme is one such bot.

What’s CandyPreme?

CandyPreme is a leading software application program that automates the purchase of limited-edition sneakers, clothing, among other hype products. The tool promises a combination of speed, simplicity, and consistency to guarantee users the fastest checkout experience. It features a clean and intuitive UI that makes the purchase of on-demand items smooth and easy.

Moreover, CandyPreme is beginner-friendly. Meaning, newbies have just as good a chance of buying limited edition sneakers as pro resellers and sneakerheads.

CandyPreme users are also gifted with a number of prizes, including 1 GB proxies, a 1-month subscription renewal, or a Box logo tee depending on their success rate on the platform. To know what prizes are available for you, be sure to keep track of your shopping activities on the bot’s dashboard.

Currently, the bot only supports a couple of sneaker sites, including Supreme US/EU/JP. Many more sites will be included soon. What’s more? The CandyPreme algorithm is pre-set with all the relevant product information such as size, shape, name, color, among other details, thus making the purchase of any releasing hype items precise and targeted—no more guessing.

How it works

The procedure for copping with CandyPreme is fairly easy. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Download and install the application on your PC.
  • Login to the discord account, then from there, enter your CandyPreme product key to access the dashboard.
  • Once you log into the dashboard, the first thing you need to do is to create a task. And to do that, simply press the Add Task. A Task Creator window will appear with two options for Basic and Advanced tasks. Unless you’re an expert botter, stick to the Basic Task option.
  • Once you’ve set the task, go ahead and set the proxies for your task. You need proxies to spoof your identity while making purchases using CandyPreme. Proxies come in handy when conducting multiple checkouts for a couple of products all at the same time.
  • Next, set up your profiles (the billing or shipping info that the bot enters on sneaker sites during checkouts). You’ll need a couple of profiles in order to purchase multiple items upon release.
  • Now, go ahead and set the bot to work. Relax and let the bot do the checkouts for those limited edition sneakers.

CandyPreme features

CandyPreme is a command-line interface (CLI) sneaker bot that packs a number of very powerful features. Here are some of them:

  • Simple and intuitive UI

Beginners and pro sneakerheads & resellers can make their sneaker purchases with this bot. CandyPreme’s high success rate when it comes to the purchase of on-demand limited edition products makes it the pro botters’ favorite.

  • Scheduled Tasks

This feature allows you to set tasks to start on time for the release of particular hype products. It comes in handy not only for beginners but also for users who may not be able to access their computers during item releases.

  • Captcha Harvesters

Intelligently solves captchas on sneaker sites to make the checkout breezy and quick.

  • AYCD Autosolve

CandyPreme is compatible with AYCD Autosolve. Meaning, users can easily add their AYCD Access Token together with the AYCD API key on their dashboard to unlock the functionalities of this feature.

  • Light speed checkouts

When it comes to buying on-demand items on the web, speed is key if you’re to beat the competition and get yourself those dream sneakers. That’s what you get with CandyPreme.

  • Preset product info

The bot’s algorithm provides you with all the relevant product info such as name, size, color, etc., so that you can target select items.

  • Supported sneaker sites

Currently, the bot supports only the Supreme US, Supreme EU, and Supreme Japan.

  • Restock mode

When this function is activated, the bot will be able to monitor and track restock and releases of limited edition sneakers and automatically make purchases. This is important, especially for beginners who may not be in any cook groups or those who have little or no idea when to start copping for sneakers.

  • Unlimited tasks

This sneaker bot is capable of executing multiple tasks concurrently. You can leverage this to order as many hype items as you possibly can.

  • Handy guides

They have some very useful guides which you can check out whenever you’re stuck. You can access these from the discord.

Tip! For the latest updates on restocks, releases, and much more, follow them on their social network: CandyPreme Twitter.

Get started with CandyPreme today.

If you’re just getting started with sneaker copping, or you’re a seasoned sneakerhead or reseller, you want a bot that’s not only reliable but also easy to use. CandyPreme is all that you need. Try it today and enjoy unbeatable checkout speeds on all your favorite limited edition sneakers, clothing, and other hype items.


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