Zoom Proxies

For sneaker copping, you need proxies that are fast enough to beat the competition while making sure it is undetectable. Zoom Proxies is one of the few proxy providers you can trust to provide you the proxies for the job.

Zoom Proxies

Aside from compatibility with your target sneaker sites, speed is arguably the most important factor you should look at when buying proxies for sneaker copping. And Zoom Proxies has that as a focus. Zoom Proxies is a datacenter proxy provider that provides specialized proxies for copping limited-edition sneakers. Zoom Proxies has been engineered for copping from Supreme, FootAction, Champs Sport, Eastbay, Shopify sites, and Footlocker. They have a team that ensures that they only sell high-quality proxies that can give you the competitive advantage you require to smash any release you have interest in.

It might interest you to know that Zoom Proxies are as competitive as the sneakers you want to buy. Their proxies are from premium ISPs, and they are limited in number. For these reasons, they easily get sold out. The team behind Zoom Proxies is aware of the influence of proxy server location on speed, and as such, they have proxy servers in Ashburn and Chicago. They also have proxy servers in the UK. Other proxies provided by Zoom Proxies are Captcha farm proxies also geared toward sneaker copping.

Major Features of Zoom Proxies

Zoom Proxies have some of the best proxies for copping sneakers on sites that datacenter proxies can be used on. Below are some of the major features that set them apart from other proxies out there.

Blazing Connection Speed

As stated earlier, speed is one of the areas Zoom Proxies excels in. Sneaker copping is a game of speed and you against the crowd. You need to have a setup that provides you the best speed – server, bot, and proxies. Zoom Proxies will provide you the proxy speed required. However, your server needs to be in with Ashburn or Chicago to enjoy the blazing speed as advertised.

Supports Many Sneaker Sites

Unlike other proxies that you won’t know the sites they support until you try, Zoom Proxies is open about the sites it supports, and if you try using them on other sites, they don’t provide you any form of assurance they will work. The sites supported by Zoom Proxies include Supreme, Shopify sites, FootAction, Footlocker, Champs Sport, and Eastbay.


As at the time of writing this article, the proxies are sold out, and as such, there’s no price data available, and we can’t be sure if proxies will remain as they are. All we have got to say about their pricing is that they are affordable and flexible as you can even buy 3-days proxies.

Buy Zoom Proxies

If you want to buy proxies from Zoom Proxies, you can head over to the Zoom Proxies website. As stated earlier, their proxies get sold out easily, so the chances of you getting your hands on their proxies are 50-50.


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