Ycopp Ultimate Adidas Bot

YCopp Ultimate Adidas Bot is the only bot you need to cop Adidas sneakers and have those 3 stripes on your feet. The bot is of high quality, written with best practices in mind, and bypassing loopholes to make sure the risk of failure is reduced to the barest minimum.

What is YCopp Ultimate Adidas Bot?

The YCopp Ultimate Adidas Bot is an add to cart program that was developed for purchasing limited-edition high on-demand sneakers from over 30 different Adidas sites. The bot supports all the forms of releases in the Adidas online platforms, which include normal releases, splash page releases, and web confirmed releases. This bot is not your normal Adidas Bot flying around; it is a premium option that will not only pay for itself but also earn you profit.

Ycopp Ultimate Adidas Bot

This bot is Windows-based, and as such, you will need to run it on a Windows VPS if you are using a different operating system. The bot comes with a mobile app that you can use to checkout items already in your cart or solve captchas, making the bot an integral part of the bot rather than an independent app.

How Does It Work?

Using the YCopp Ultimate Adidas Bot is easy, provided you do not complicate things for yourself. How would you avoid complicating issues for yourself? By watching the video featured below. It is important you watch this video because you’ll need to configure some settings and provide some information as a first-time user.

YCopp Ultimate Adidas Bot Features

Sneaker bots do not provide any form of guarantee because of the gimmicks of sneaker stores and the high demand for the releases. However, YCopp comes with some interesting features that will give you rest of mind by increasing your chances of succeeding. Let take a look at some of these features below.

YCart Integration

YCart is a cart buying, and selling platform where users can sell their cart with Adidas sneakers in them and buyers can pay for them. With this, you do not need to check out items in your cart before you can make money from them. Simply selling the cart will earn you some money. This platform is integrated into the YCopp Ultimate Adidas Bot by default.

Companion Mobile App

The YCopp Ultimate Adidas Bot comes with a companion mobile app that makes your work a little bit easier for you. The mobile app is not a replacement for the Windows program – No. It helps supplement it functions like solving captchas and helping out with checking out.

Multithread Support

YCopp Ultimate Adidas Bot was developed to support tasks to occur concurrently. One does not have to wait for another to start. This multitasking ability of the bot has made it a very fast one that gets its job done at blazing speed so as to increase your chance of copping before the sneakers get sold out.

Captcha Harvesting

Captchas are a nightmare for sneaker copping bot developers. Interestingly, YCopp came into the market prepared for it with captchas harvesting logic that is also integrated into their companion mobile app to make solving captchas easier and faster.


YCopp Ultimate Adidas Bot cost €369, and this comes with a one year license. After one year, you’ll have to pay €99 for renewal of your license, which is also for one year. If you plan using this bot on more than one machine, then you have to pay an additional activation cost of €199. Compared to other Adidas bots, this is expensive, but if you consider the unique twist and features YCopp brings to the table, you’ll understand that the cost is worth it.

Join the YCopp Ultimate Adidas Bot Family

No doubt, YCopp Adidas Bot is one of the best that even without checking out, you can still upload your cart on the YCart platform and earn some money from selling your cart with Adidas sneakers in them. If you want to enjoy the exclusive benefits enjoyed by YCopp users, Buy the bot from their website today.


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