Webshare Proxies

If you have been researching free proxies to use, chances are there that you must have come across Webshare as one of the options available to you. Let take a look at a brief discussion about Webshare.

Webshare Proxies – an Overview

Webshare proxies are basically a free private proxy provider. To be frank with you, I am not a fan and will never be a fan of anything free – proxies inclusive. Webshare provides you 1GB for a month for free and the proxy given to you is dedicated. While I will not advise you to go for it, I will advise you to go for their paid proxies instead which are faster and are some of the cheapest in the market.

They have proxies in more than 21 countries. currently, they have over 10,000 proxies in their proxy pool. Very important is the fact that you are allowed to send an unlimited number of concurrent requests. Howeve, eexcept you are on an extreme low budget, I won’t advise you to go for their proxies – not even their paid proxies. Visit the Webshare website for more information.



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