The choice of an ideal botting tool depends on among other aspects, performance, and reliability. Whether you are an expert reseller, sneakerhead, or a beginner just getting to know how to cop sneakers, success in the game largely depends on the type of botting software used. With the VegasLabs sneaker bot, you’re better placed to secure on-demand sneakers whenever new editions are released.

What’s VegasLabs?

VegasLabs is a sneaker bot that’s used to automate checkouts from online stores when shopping for limited-edition footwear and apparel. The software program is based on the command line interface making it ideal for beginners and professional botters alike.

The shoe bot is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. That’s awesome, considering that many botters mainly use either of these operating systems.

VegasLabs bot

The VegasLabs sneaker bot supports a number of Footsites. Some of these include Footshop, FootLocker, Supreme, Shopify, among others. And like most top copping bots, VegasLabs comes with an in-built captcha solver, which makes for a faster checkout experience while copping sneakers on retailer sites.

What’s more? The bot also has very elaborate user guides and documentation for when you’re stuck. Be sure to check them out on the discord.

How it works

Getting started with the VegasLabs sneaker bot is very easy. Follow these steps to set up your profiles, proxies, and tasks and start copping sneakers in seconds.

  • First of all, you’ll need to access the discord. Check your email for the login credentials.
  • After accessing the discord, you’ll be prompted to activate the dashboard. Simply paste in the bot key sent to you via email to get that done.
  • On your VegasLabs dashboard, the first thing you want to do is to create tasks. Do that with the help of the task creator function.
  • After creating your tasks, next up is setting up proxies. There are two options to do that; you may choose to set up the proxies by yourself or simply import them from wherever. Note that the bot uses proxies to execute multiple checkouts from online stores all at the same time.
  • With proxies and tasks out of the way, it’s time to set up your profiles. These are essential details of your billing or shipping address. You’ll need a couple of profiles in order to check out multiple limited-edition sneakers. Like proxies, there are two options for setting up your profiles. You can do the setup by yourself or simply import some from reputable profile managers.
  • Once you have the tasks, proxies, and profiles all set, sit back and relax while VegasLabs bot shops for your sneakers.

VegasLabs Features

The shoe bot is packed with a number of awesome features. Notable ones include:

  • The beautiful and intuitive user interface

The sneaker bot is based on the command-line interface (CLI). Meaning, users have to literally type in commands to create tasks, profiles, and even set up proxies. That makes the VegasLabs ideally suited not only for expert botters but also beginners and hobbyists.

  • User guides and documentation

If you’re a beginner just getting started with sneakers copping, you may need some assistance every once in a while with the setup process. If and when that time comes, you can always refer to the VegasLabs user guides and documentation in the discord for help.

  • Captcha harvesters and solvers

VegasLabs sneaker bot comes with integrated captcha solvers with the capacity to intelligently solve captchas on sneaker sites for a speedy checkout experience.

  • Restock and release mode

Besides the high success rate when it comes to sneaker copping, this bot also provides users with timely updates about restocks and releases of limited edition sneakers and apparel.

  • Inbuilt product information and features

No more guesswork when copping sneakers. With its preset product specs, the VegasLabs bot ensures only the right items are checked out. You don’t want to end up with any other product, especially when those limited edition sneakers are dropped.

Social networks

If you want to get the latest updates on restock trends or just want to drop VegasLabs a message, check out their Twitter handle: VegasLabs Twitter

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For experienced sneakerheads, resellers, hobbyists, or beginners, success with botting starts with choosing the right tools. Experience lightning-fast checkouts and unbeatable sneaker copping success rates with VegasLabs.


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