Unknown Proxies

Are you looking for a proxy provider that has no expiry date for data usage? If so, why don’t you try Unknown Proxies, which is among the few proxy providers with no data expiry and network subnets?

Unknown Proxies – an Overview

Having a proxy provider with data that never expires enables a higher proxy performance. Unknown Proxies are among the few proxy providers that allow rollover data with no expiry data. Besides the rollover aspect, Unknown Proxy has a 99% uptime. That means there are no network disruptions like timeouts or downtimes when you are on session.

Unknown Proxies

That is not all about Unknown Proxies because the following are other advantages of this proxy provider.

 Allow Geo-targeting

Sneaker proxies perform well in regions where a sneaker site is close to a sneaker proxy server.  Concerning that, Unknown proxies cover over 140 countries and cities where you can geo-target the country you want. As a result, you will attain a smooth sneaker connection that enables you to cop multiple pairs faster.

Residential Rotating and Static proxies

Unknown Proxies have a stream of 3.5M residential IPs that change under an IP session or randomly. In short, Unknown proxies have both static and rotational proxies. For static proxies, Unknown Proxies lets you set your IP session while the random proxies change per request.

The advantage of rotatory nodes is that they enable you to have fresh IPs that are not vandalized or flagged off by sneaker platforms. On the other hand, the static proxies favor sneaker copping and web scraping because they allow you will have an uninterrupted session.


The pricing of Unknown proxies is not a joke, especially if you buy smaller packages. However, purchasing higher packages guarantees a discounted price. But that should not discourage anyone since Unknown Proxies have packages like harvesting plan that cost less than twenty dollars.

Apart from harvesting plans, there are a lot of plans in Unknown proxies. Some are Reserve residential, Select residential, and even ISPS. ISPs plans are a form of dedicated plans on Captchas, Adidas, Yeezy, and others.

No to forget, Unknown Proxies rate its packages depending on bandwidth. Whatever data bandwidth you want, the website has a price for that. This price increases as you buy a higher bandwidth plan. But one good thing with this bandwidth is that it has no expiry date.

Allows IP and Username/Password Authentication

If data security and privacy matters in your quest for proxies, you might choose unknown proxies because it has both IP and password/username authentication.

As Unknown Proxies have both residential and datacenter proxies, they use different authentication on each proxy type. For example, Unknown proxies use password or username authentications for residential proxies.

On the other hand, this provider authorizes connection via whitelisted IPs on datacenter proxies. Whitelisted IPs are the ISP-provided IPS that a proxy uses to allow web connection.

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