TrickAIO Bot

There is something interesting about TrickAIO bot – it is called an AIO bot but only provides support for Supreme sites. However, for those that have used it for copping Supreme, they have found a great level of success.

What is TrickAIO Bot?

TrickAIO is a sneaker copping bot that can be used for purchasing sneakers from Supreme sites. Sneaker bots are a piece of computer software that automates the process of buying sneakers from sneaker sites. Sneaker bots are used for limited-edition releases. This is because of the speed of checkout required to beat the competition involved. During limited-edition drops, the number of people interested is much, and the pairs available are limited, making the whole process competitive.


The team behind TrickAIO has it in mind to make it an All in One (AIO) Bot. However, as it stands now, the bot only supports Supreme sites. A look at their Twitter Page (@trickAIO) shows that they are in the process of adding more site support, but for now, it is actually not an AIO Bot as its name suggests. For the Supreme sites it supports, it has been quite functional, and many of its users have had successes with it.

How Does It Work?

TrickAIO comes with two components – a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a backend. The backend holds all the functionality of the bot which includes sending web requests to Supreme sites on your behave. The GUI is there for you as the controller of the backend and is the part of the bot you can touch and see. The GUI has been designed to be simple and easy to use, even for first-time sneaker coppers. I find for you, a great video on YouTube that you can watch to learn how to use the bot in the most effective way.

TrickAIO Features

TrickAIO Bot is one of the oldest sneaker bots in the market. It has survived a lot of the updates made by Supreme to render bots useless. This means that if you pitch your tent with TrickAIO, you are settling with a rugged performer. It is this functional and rugged because of the features that come with it. Let take a look at a few of these features below.

Multitasking Support

Are you looking for a bot that you can use to run many tasks at ones without the action of one disturbing the others? Then TrickAIO should be one of the bots on your list. The bot comes with multithread support. This gives the bot the capability to run tasks concurrently.

Proxy Support

To remain hidden behind a bot and avoid getting detected as using a bot, you need proxies. TrickAIO provides support for the use of proxies. When using proxies with this bot, make sure they are tested and trusted.

Captchas Solver

Captchas will disturb you, and there is nothing you can do about it. However, with TrickAIO captchas solver, the stress of solving captchas can be reduced and make solving them faster.


As at the time of writing this article, TrickAIO license is sold out, and as such, we could not get an idea of how much a subscription cost. However, the price is on the cheaper side. Follow their Twitter handle to get update of when they are restocking

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If you are interested in using the TrickAIO bot, visit its website for more information.



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