Torpedo AIO Bot

There are countless sneaker bots out there. Choosing the right one for you can be quite a challenge, more so for beginners. While some are average in terms of copping performance, others are simply awesome. The Torpedo AIO boasts some of the highest botting success rates in the industry. Whether you are an established botter or maybe you’re just starting out, Torpedo AIO is one sneaker bot you definitely need to try out.

 What is Torpedo AIO?

Torpedo AIO was first developed back in 2020. Currently, it’s one of the best performing low-budget sneaker bots in the market. Like most high-end botting tools, this one is also based on the command-line user interface (CLI). That makes for easy creation of tasks, profiles, and proxies with simple commands.

The bot is packed with a range of some really cool features for an even faster check-out experience. Currently, Torpedo is only available on Windows and Mac OS. That might seem like a downside, but in fact, it is not because many botters are actually using either of these two popular operating systems. It’s also worth mentioning that the bot is currently available in the US, Japan, Europe, Europe, and a couple of Asian countries.

Torpedo AIO

Torpedo AIO can be used to cop sneakers, on-demand apparel, and other hype items from a number of stores. Some of the supported stores include Supreme, YeezySupply, Foot Action, Finishline, and Shopify.

Also worth mentioning is that the platform is beginner-ready. Besides their professional customer support team that’s available 24/7, users can also learn how to use the bot by simply checking through the documentation or their video tutorials.

How it Works

The bot is optimized to accommodate experienced and novice botters alike. To start copping sneakers with Torpedo AIO bot, proceed as follows:

  • Sign in to the discord, then use your bot key to access the dashboard.
  • Once you’re logged in to the dashboard, go ahead and create your tasks, profiles, and proxies.
  • Remember that Torpedo allows you two options for setting up your proxies, profiles, and tasks. They include manual setup or importation. Whichever way you choose will still get the job done.
  • After successfully setting up your proxies, profiles, and tasks, all you’re left to do is wait for the drop and then let the bot do the checkouts for you.

Torpedo AIO Bot Features

  • Supported sites

Torpedo supports a number of sneaker stores, some of which have anti-botting algorithms. Among other sites, the bot can be used to cop sneakers on Footsites, Adidas, Nike, Foot Action, YeezySupply, Supreme, Finishline, and Shopify.

  • User-friendly interface

The bot’s intuitive UI is based on CLI. Meaning, you can create tasks, profiles, and proxies by simply typing in commands.

  • Restock mode

This feature ensures that you never ever miss a drop of your favorite sneakers whenever there’s a drop. You’ll receive notifications on your phone in that regard.

  • Countries and regions

The bot can be accessed in select countries, including the US, Europe, Japan, India, Israel, among others.

  • Supported operating systems

The bot is only available on Windows and Mac OS. Versions for other operating systems are yet to be released.

How to buy Torpedo AIO?

Sneaker enthusiasts and newbies are usually not very sure how to go about buying Torpedo AIO. To deal with the uncertainty on the return on investment, considering that the bot is usually pricey, consider going for the rental option. Get the rental Torpedo option from sites such as By renting the bot rather than buying it, you not only save big-league but also learn to maximize your copping experience.

Social Networks

Keep up the latest product drops and releases of limited sneaker editions by checking their Twitter handle – Torpedo Twitter.

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