Tclick Proxies



Are you looking for proxies that are optimized for sneaker copping and are also cheap? Then, read about Tclick Proxies so you can avoid buying them.

Tclick Proxies – an Overview

Tclick provides proxies that are simple, reliable, and powerful. However, they do not own their proxies. They are resellers of Icedout Proxies. While being resellers is not a bad thing, I would rather recommend you buy from Icedout Proxies than buy from them. They sell both residential proxies and their datacenter counterparts. Since their proxies are meant specifically for sneaker copping, they determine when to release the proxies to you, depending on the release available. They make sure they test proxies before giving them to you.

Their proxies have been found to work perfectly on a good number of sites. they work on Nike, Footsites, Adidas, Shopify, and many more. However, they do not provide you any form of guarantee that it will work on Finishline. Visit the Tclick website for more information – Remember, they are not recommended.




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