It’s widely known that a good number of sneaker bots in the market do not have native support for macOS. Let me introduce you to a Mac-only sneaker bot that has support for many sneaker sites – Swft AIO.

What is Swft AIO?

The sneaker botting industry has seen an uprise in the number of sneaker bots competing to get a pie of the market share. Swft AIO is one of such bots – and it does a good job serving Mac and iOS users. The Swt AIO bot is one of the sneaker bots with Mac-native support. With this bot, you can cop directly from your computer without installing any other unnecessary dependency. However, you need to know that if you’re using Windows or Android, Swft AIO is not the sneaker bot for you. One thing that will get you to like Swft AIO bot is its extensive support even for sites not supported by other bots.

Just like every other sneaker bots out there, the Swft AIO bots perform in some drops and flops in others. But in all, we consider the bot to be a working solution, especially for macOS users. One thing you need to remember about this bot is that it has support for only US billing and shipping. If you’re in the EU, you will need to look for a way to walk around this restriction. In terms of pricing, the Swft AIO bot can be said to be affordable and cheap when compared to many others.

How Does it Work?

Swft AIO is an automation bot with specific tasks to automate – buy limited-edition high on-demand sneakers and other wears from a specific list of sites. Because it is a bot, designed to give you a competitive advantage to win releases, it goes through the process in a swift manner. At the most basic level, it is still a bot and what it does is that it replicate your web requests and mimic browsers to avoid detection. For them to work at their best, you will need to make use of proxies if you’re interested in more pairs, host them on servers, and configure them correctly.

For the proxies and servers, you can find the best available for you in our recommended proxies for sneaker copping – use the navigation header to find the best for you. Setting this bot is very easy thanks to the simple and intuitive user interface that comes with the bot. There are a good number of videos on YouTube that will show how best to set up the Swft AIO bot and use them for copping from your desired site. You can watch the one featured below for a start.

Swft AIO Features

What are the features that make this bot such a good choice? This bot comes with a good number of features. Let take a look at 3 of them below.

Supports Many Sites

This bot is an AIO bot and has support for a good number of sites. One thing you will come to appreciate about this bot is that it has support for some regular e-commerce stores such as Walmart and Target. It also has support Footsites and Shopify sites, and a host of other sites.

Native Mac and iOS Support

There’s no doubt that there are as many sneaker bots as you can imagine in the market, and more are still being conceived and develop. Unfortunately, the market is more favorable to Windows users as most of the bots were developed for the Windows platform. However, the Swft AIO is one of few bots with their focus on Mac users.

Fast and Multithreaded

Another feature that makes this bot powerful is its multithreading support and the speed of execution. This bot is very fast and can cop more than one pairs at a time. This means that you can even cop more pairs and resell for profit.


This bot is sold for $200. You will have to renew it for $90 every 6 months. You will agree with me that this is cheap when you consider buying at resale pricing.

Join the Swft AIO Community

Depending on the time you show interest, the bot might be available or has already been sold out. Head over to the Swft AIO website to check if it is available for sale. If it has been sold out, then you can visit BotBroker, a bot market, and see if it is listed. Buying from BotBroker is completely OK if it is sold out. But you’ll be buying at a higher price, though.


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