Supremeslayer is one of the popular bots used by Supreme sneakerheads. While the majority of its users use it for copping sneakers, it can also be used for copping other limited-edition items like clothing and accessories, as well.

What is Supremeslayer?

Supremeslayer is one of the best things you will come across as a Supreme fan. It is an automation bot that you can use to buy products from Supreme sites – the bot supports all the Supreme platforms. It is applicable mostly in the purchase of limited-edition items since they are the ones you need speed to get access to.


Supremeslayer was developed by Teamslayer, the makers of Soleslayer, a Footsites bot that has been used to check out over 100,000 products. The bot is easy to use, comes with an attractive interface that is intuitive even for first-time users. With Supremeslayer, you will not need any other bot to cop from Supreme sites again.

How Does It Work?

The working mechanism of Supremeslayer is simple; it follows the steps you will take to make a purchase. However, it is much faster and can even bypass queue, thereby increasing your chances of succeeding. The bot has a graphical user interface that you will use in giving the bot command.

Supremeslayer Features

Supremeslayer is a Windows-based bot. it comes with some powerful features that do not only increase your chances of succeeding in the game but also decreases your chances of getting banned. Let take a look at some of the powerful features that come with this bot that make it so powerful.

Queue Bypass Ability

Each sneaker sites have its own way of fighting against bots. For Supreme, they allow a large number of people add the product to cart then come up with a virtual queue to select those that will be able to checkout randomly. This makes it difficult for coppers because having the item in the cart does not provide you any guarantee. Supremeslayer has developed a system to bypass this queue and get you to the front to increase your chances.

Cash on Delivery

One of the features that you will love about Supremeslayer is its support for Cash on Delivery. Supremeslayer can choose the cash on delivery option when available for you. This then means that even though you do not have money, you can try this out. After you have checkout successfully, you can look for money and pay for it on delivery.

Avoid Detection

With Supremeslayer, your chances of getting banned are reduced to the barest minimum. This is because the bot comes with some techniques to evade detection. It provides support for the use of proxies. The bot is also equipped with an instant captcha solver that makes solving captcha easy and fast.


For Supremeslayer, you pay ones, and it is yours forever without the need to pay for any subscription fee. The smallest plan allows you to add up to 5 tasks and is priced $149. There are other plans, and you can subscribe.

Get This Bot

If you are interested in buying this bot, you can go over to the Teamslayer website and buy it now.


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