Supercop Supreme Bot

The Supercop Supreme Bot is the most advanced Supreme Bot in the market. This bot is well polished from its user interface down to the coding level. Interestingly, it is available on iOS.

What is Supercop Supreme Bot?

Supercop Supreme Bot is an add to cart program for Supreme sites. However, this bot does more than just adding to the cart; it also checks out the sneakers added to cart. For the uninitiated, this bot is a sneaker bot for Supreme sites that will help you purchase Supreme sneakers faster than a human can. The bot automates the process of buying limited-edition sneakers.

supercop supreme bot

It is important I state here that no bot can guarantee you success in this regard. However, the Supercop Supreme Bot can increase your chances of success by being fast and swift in its operation. The bot is available as a Chrome Extension, and as well as an iOS app – you have to pay for them separately. The bot is easy to use, watch the video below to learn how to use it.

Supercop Supreme Bot Feature

As I stated earlier, Supercop Supreme Bot is a polished bot and comes with some of the most advanced features to increase your chances of succeeding. some of these important features will be discussed below.

Has An iOS Application

This is the major reason you will want to make use of Supercop bot – the bot is also available as an iOS app. Mobile bots are not a common thing in the sneaker copping industry. Most of the bots available are standalone windows application or web-based. However, Supercop is providing support for this. This app has an intuitive design; it is fast, comes in a very configurable design, gets regularly updated, and make your Supreme copping experience mobile.

Checkout Delay Support

Believe you me; sneaker sites are becoming smart in their spam detection techniques. While the reason sneaker bots were introduced in the first place is to increase the speed of checking out items, these sites know humans cannot be as fast as computers, and as such, they can use the speed of checkout to tell if a bot is behind a traffic. To become undetectable, this bot comes with this feature to adjust the speed of checking out items from the cart.

Schedule Startup

Another feature that sets this bot apart from many others in the industry is its schedule startup feature. No doubt, if sneaker copping is important to you, you should be glued to your computer in the period of drops. However, in some circumstances it becomes difficult for you to be available. With Supercop Supreme Bot’s Schedule Startup support, you are covered. Just set it up and schedule a time for it to start – and it will when it is time for it to.

Keyword Finder

Supercop Supreme Bot comes with a multiple keyword finder. What this tool does for you is that it provides you with a keyword finder that it goes out in search of early keyword, and when it finds one, it let you know of it, so you will be ahead in the game.

Autofill Support

To make checkout as effortless as possible, this bot comes with an autofill feature to autofill checkout form with your billing information to make the checkout process faster.


There are 3 payment plans available for the Supercop Supreme Bot – Chrome extension, iOS app, and the combination of both. For the Chrome extension, it goes for $49.99. the iOS mobile application subscription is $70, while the combination of the 2 will cost you $100. Regardless of the plan you choose, after each season, there is a renewal fee attached.

Buy Supercop Supreme Bot Today!                                

If you are interested in buying this bot, you can head over to the Supercop website and choose the one you are interested in. the Chrome extension is the least expensive option. However, if you want the mobility and simplicity of mobile application, then you can go for the Mobile version. Whichever you choose, just be assured you are buying one of the most advanced Supreme copping bot.



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