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Superbot is one of the sneaker bots made for Supreme platforms. While there are other bots in the market, the speed at which Superbot checkout items in carts is unrivaled by other bots in its niche. Interestingly, it is also a cheaper option compared to many others.

What is Superbot?

Superbot is a Google Chrome extension developed for copping limited edition sneakers from Supreme sites. It offers one of the fastest speeds in the industry with a faster checkout timing of 2.1 seconds. With this bot, you can avoid paying resale price (for sneakerheads) or make huge profit reselling copped items. Because this bot is a browser extension, it can be run on any system with Chrome browser installed.

superbot supreme bot

This bot was not developed by accidental bot developers but by professionals with years of experience under their belt. It was built by the team behind The bot currently has over 1000 users and over 10,000 checkout items. You can check out their Twitter page for testimonials from real users.

How Does It Work?

This bot is a Google Chrome extension. This means that it needs a Google Chrome to run for it to function. It has a beautiful Graphical User Interface (GUI) for you to use. Your interactions with this interface in the form of command is sent to the backend for execution. When you pay for this bot, you’ll be sent a detailed document and video tutorial on how to make use of this bot. See the bot in action below.

Superbot Features

The Superbot Supreme bot might look simple because of its interface and the fact that it is a browser extension. But I tell you what; it is a complex software with a high level of sophistication to increase your chance of copping success. This section of the article will highlight the key features of this bot.


Do you consider the security of your personal and billing details when using them on third-party bots? If you don’t, you better start. How experienced is the developer of the bot security-wise? For Superbot, the team behind it is headed by a popular Russian Hacker, and as such, I need not tell you the level of web security awareness in its development team. Interestingly, all details you enter are stored locally and never uploaded to any server

Keyword Research

Your business is copping sneakers for resale. But to be successful, you have to do a lot of repetitive and boring tasks. One of such is keyword research for sneakers. This bot takes away that and does the keyword search for you. Each week, you get access to a list of keywords from the app.

Extremely Fast

The speed of Superbot is one of the major reasons resellers and sneakerheads chose this bot. It does not waste time and usually checkout items in less than 3 minutes. It could even achieve a successful checkout in 2.1 seconds.

Detailed Support

A bot is only effective if you know how to use it effectively. Superbot does not just sell a sneaker bot to you and leave you in the dark. They have created text and video material in tutorial formats that will help you hit the ground running as far as the copping game is concerned.


Superbot is a subscription-based tool. Their subscription is for 6 months and costs $89, and you’ll receive updates without additional payments.

Buy this Bot

If you are interested in buying this bot, head straight to the Superbot website. Spoilers alert, you can get this bot for $39 for the time being – a promo is ongoing.


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