Star Proxies

You just heard of Star Proxies, and you want to learn more about it? You have done a good thing. This post is an introductory article on Star Proxies.

Star Proxies – an Overview

Star Proxies is a proxy provider that is known for providing elite premium proxies. Their proxies are meant for the web automation industry. This means that whether you are into web scraping or crawling, traffic fare aggregation, social media automation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or even Ads verification, they have got what you need. They support the popular Internet marketing bots in the market including ScrapeBox, SENukeX, Ultimate Demon, and many others.

They have shared proxies that can be shared by 3 users. They also have dedicated proxies that are private. You can also buy rotating proxies from them.

However, I wouldn’t advise you to  buy proxies from them because their customer support is arguably one of the worse in the industry and in fact, some see them as a scam. They are not a recommended proxy provider.



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