Sole AIO is an All in One sneaker bot that supports many popular sneaker sites. This bot is Windows-based, and as such, as a Mac user, you need to run it on a Windows VPS for it to function.

What is Sole AIO?

Without a sneaker copping bot, there is no how you are going to succeed in purchasing limited-edition sneakers for reselling because of the high demand for them. Sole AIO is one of the automated software that can help you cop a good number of pairs of the same model of sneakers. It does this quickly, much faster than a human can, and by so doing, outperforming humans.

Sole AIO

In Sole AIO’s own case, it is not specialized in the sites it supports. It is an AIO bot, and as such, it supports a good number of popular sneaker stores online. With this bot, you might not need any other bot again except if you are interested in copping Nike as it does not support Nike SNKRS platform at the moment.

How Does It Work?

Forget the fact that it is an AIO bot for a second; this bot is not a complex software as per its usage even though it is sophisticated in its activities. It comes with a clean and beautiful interface that is easy to use. However, it still needs some learning for you to be able to use it effectively and avoid errors. Use the video featured below to learn how to use it.

Sole AIO Features

Sole AIO comes with some powerful features that keep sneakerheads from changing bot. This is because these features increase their chances of copping and it has been working for them. Let take a look at some of these features.

Support Many Sites

Sole AIO provides support for many sites, including 50 Shopify sites and the ability to custom add other Shopify-based stores. It also supports Supreme sites in the US, Canada, and the European region. Adidas sites, Footlocker, Magento, Mr. Porter, among other popular sites it supports. It does not support Nike at the moment.

Powerful Captchas Solver

Captchas can slow you down and get you to lose out in a drop. But with the help of Sole AIO captchas harvesting logic, solving captchas becomes easier. It comes with an unlimited number of captcha harvesters with individual google logins. This, together with its automated captcha harvesting, make solving captchas a breeze.

Shopify Queue Bypass

Shopify-based sneaker stores are fond of allowing many people to add limited-edition sneakers to cart but will randomly select few for the checkout. This means that adding to cart is not a guarantee, and someone that added late might be just lucky than you. However, with Sole AIO, you will be able to bypass the queue and check out the sneakers in your carts.

Multithread Support

Sole AIO allows you to run tasks concurrently – thanks to its multitasking ability. This then means that the bot is a very fast one and does not have to wait for a task to finish before another start. However, the efficiency of the bot in this regard depends on the power of your computer or the server you host it on.


This bot is sold at £240. Within the first 6 months, you are eligible for free updates. After the first 6 months, you are to pay a renewal fee of £50 for every 6 months. this renewal is optional, but without it, you shouldn’t expect any update, and that means if there is any change on any of the sites, the bot becomes useless on that site from that moment.

Get this Bot

if you are interested in this bot, then you can visit the Sole AIO website and make a purchase using your card.


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