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Snkrmoji is one of the popular bots compatible with Nike SNKRS platform. It is not only compatible; it comes with some features that increase your chance of copping Nike sneakers.

What is Snkrmoji?

Snkrmoji is an automation software that automates the purchase of Nike sneakers from Nike SNKRS platforms. This bot comes in two variants – a Command-line Interface (CLI) and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) application. The GUI version is meant for beginner-level sneakerheads with little tech background. For the more advanced users, the CLI serves them better.

snkrmoji bot

The bot has been used to check out thousands of Nike sneakers from the SNKRS platform. No doubt, Nike SNKRS platforms do not get much support because of their smart antispam system, but Snkrmoji does not only support it, but it does so cheaply.

How Does It Work?

How Snkrmoji works is simple. It has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that a user is supposed to interact with. The GUI, on the other hand, communicates your interactions with it to the backend of the bot which then sends your requests to Nike SNKRS platform just like you will do using the SNKR platform. Learn how to interact with the GUI using the video below as a guide.

Snkrmoji Features

Snkrmoji bot is not a basic application. It is a full-blown application that comes with some important features that are key to your success of successfully copping from those limited-edition Nike sneakers. Below are some of the features.

Multitasking Support

Sneaker copping, especially limited-edition Nike sneakers, is a game of speed – no doubt about that. A second can make a difference. Because of this, Snkrmoji comes with the ability to multitask. Because of this, your tasks can run concurrently without one interfering with the other. This makes the bot fast, thereby increasing your chance.

Release Calendar

With Snkrmoji bot, you do not have to worry about release dates as the bot comes with a calendar that keeps you updated about releases. This saves you a lot of time trying to search for information from different sources. However, do not expect to see information about surprise drops as those aren’t featured in the calendar since they are surprises.

Command Line App

As I stated earlier, the Snkrmoji bot comes in two variants – GUI and CLI. The Command-Line app is for advanced users with more than a beginner knowledge in sneaker copping. It provides more power and control compared to its GUI counterpart. Among other things, it allows you to add thousands of tasks all at ones.

Status Checker

There is no room for mistakes in the copping game – if you make them, you will lose out. Because of this, people are fond of spending time trying to check the status of their accounts and proxies to make sure they are working before the drop. With Snkrmoji bot, you do not have to worry about doing this manually as it comes with a tool that will do that for you automatically.


Before you are allowed to make use of this bot, you are expected to make a payment of $200. this is the payment for the bot. there is also a renewal cost attached to its usage.

Get the Snkrmoji Bot Today

If you want to destroy every Nike drop, the Snkrmoji bot can help you out with that – thanks to the features that come with it. to buy the Snkrmoji bot, visit Kickmoji website, and order for it.


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