Mesh sites do not get much love from sneaker bots developers as only a few bots are in the market specifically made for Mesh sites. Sneakercopter is one of the bots specifically made for Mesh sites.

What is Sneakercopter?

Sneakercopter is a sneaker bot meant for Mesh sites. so, in a way, you can call Sneakercopter an AIO Bot but for Mesh sites. In case you are asking, why will you need a bot to cop from Mesh sites. On normal days, you can visit those sneaker sites based on Mesh and buy any pair you want in the needed quantity. However, for limited-edition releases, the game is entirely different. Because of the competitiveness of the releases, you need a competitive advantage, and bots seem to be the best.


Sneakercopter is very easy to use. The bot comes with a very simple and basic look. Its minimalistic look makes it easy even for first-time users. However, when it comes to being appealing to the eye, it falls short of that when compared to other top bots in the market. However, their simple look does not in any way make them nonfunctional. One thing I do not like about the bot is the bot’s website. It is very dry and devoid of content. To learn more about them, I had to source for information elsewhere.

How Does It Work?

Sneakercopter is very much like other sneaker bots. It does nothing more than automates your actions on the sites it supports. It does such by consuming the APIs on the site and sending requests as if you are the one sending them through a browser. However, it does these tasks very fast and can even cop more than a pair at ones. As it does all these, it makes sure it avoids been detected as a bot. the bot has a backend that takes care of the bot logic. It also has a User Interface. The UI is that part of the bot you can see and operate.

Sneakercopter Features

As I stated earlier, Sneakercopter comes in a minimalistic design, and that can be interpreted as the bot being a simple bot. For those that have used the bot, they know that it is much more than what you will call a simple bot. It has some powerful features. Let take a look at some of them.

Multitasking Support

Sneakercopter has support for multitasking. This is because the bot has multithread capabilities. With this, the bot can cop more sneakers at a time without one interfering with the action of another. this feature also makes it very fast.

Captchas Solver

Sneakercopter comes with a captchas solver to make solving captchas easy. There is no doubt about getting disturbed by captchas, they will come, but this feature eases the stress of solving them.


As at the time of writing this bot, Sneakercopter has sold out. this makes it difficult to provide you a price. However, be assured, Sneakercopter is not as expensive as many of the Mesh bots in the market.

Join the Sneakercopter Community

If you are interested in buying a license for this bot, then you have to visit their website and make an order for it if it is not sold out.


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