Sneaker Server

Are you looking for cheap sneaker servers that have been optimized to provide you the best performance and help you destroy drops? Then look no further – Sneaker Server is here for you.

Sneaker Server – an Overview

One thing with getting prepared for a drop is that you will have to spend money putting together proxies, servers, and a sneaker bot, among others. To cut cost, Sneaker Server provides servers that have been optimized specifically for sneaker copping – for this reason; you are provided all of what you need for a successful cop while other things are left out. Sneaker Servers have proven to be one of the best providers in the market. Their VPS servers are Windows-based and can only run Windows-based sneaker bots. However, if you want to run bots that do not support Windows or you just want full control, you can go for their bare metal servers set things up yourself.

Sneaker Server has been around for over 4 years and has leveraged its experience in providing high-speed servers optimized for sneakers and apparel bots. They have got their locations carefully selected so that their servers could be as close as possible to some of the most popular sneaker sites. One thing you will come to like about Sneaker Server is its support for Windows, which has made it work out of the box with most sneaker bots, including Another Nike Bot, Better Nike Bot, Cyber AIO, All in One Bot, and Nike Show bots, among others.

Major Features of Sneaker Server

Sneaker Server has got some features that have made them a good choice for sneaker copping. Let take a look at some of those features below.

Affordable Pricing

One of the selling points of Sneaker Server is its pricing. With $40, you can get started hosting your bot on Sneaker Server. But that’s not all – it has over 6 plans, with the most popular plan being the professional plan and sell for a price of $60. With this, you have access to a server with 8GB RAM and a 50 SSD hard drive space.

High-Performance Architecture

Sneaker Server has built their infrastructures with high-quality hardware and software to ensure maximum execution of sneaker copping tasks. They make use of SSD hard drives and high performing RAM. Interestingly, they have got a good location that makes them close to many sneaker sites.

Start Using Sneaker Server Today!

Looking at the above, you can see that Sneaker Server has got what you need. Whereby you are a sneakerhead looking to save up money by looking for a cheap server or a reseller looking for a performance beast, Sneaker Server has got you covered. To learn more about Sneaker Server or rent a server from them, you can head over to the Sneaker Server website now.


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