10 Best Sneaker Reseller Sites to Use in 2021

After you acquire many sneakers from different sites, find a credible platform to resell the items. We have sorted out the best resell platforms that you can use to maximize your profit.

You have finally gotten the latest sneaker releases. Do you know where you can sell the excess sneakers to gain a profit? These are some credible platforms that you can partner with to sell the items. Moreover, in some, you can even sell used items, though many of the platforms require new items.

You can sell a wide variety of items like sneakers and clothes. If you are looking to dispose of your items, consider any of these credible selling platforms. They all have different terms, fees, and shipping charges. Hence, do proper scrutiny before choosing a specific platform. They are all favorable considering you won’t have the hustle of sorting buyers.

1. Flight Club

Flight Club Homepage

Have you copped enough sneakers on the various platforms? Are you looking for the best place to resell the sneakers? Try out the flight club platform. You won’t need to start your online store to sell the remaining sneakers that you copped using the best AIO bots.

When your items are sold you either get paid via your bank or PayPal. You can request payment as soon as the funds are available on your selling account page. However, a 2.9% cash-out fee will be charged during withdrawal. That’s definitely a small fee for the ease of getting customers. Don’t you think so?

To sell with them, you simply need to create an account and you will get guidelines on how to start selling on the platform. You can then submit your shoes, and either ship the shoes to the platform or drop them off at the drop-off locations. The sneakers need to be in a brand new condition with all the original tags. However, the platform also accepts authentic used sneakers too. Always be frank about the items you are selling. Gaining the platform’s trust is essential!

The commission fee is 9.5% plus a 5$ seller fee. Additionally, the platform allows sellers from outside the US but with a certain restriction. If you want the consigned items to be shipped back to you, consider removing the listing. However, you will be charged a retrieval fee. If there is a change in market demand, you will be requested to adjust the pricing.

2. Goat

Goat Homepage

On GOAT they only allow a selected group of sellers. You can request to be a seller through the sell tab and fill out the required information. However, the account approval takes a while and is not instant. The sneaker sellers are only approved on a rolling basis. This is to ensure only the best-sellers are allowed into the platform.

While on GOAT, you are not allowed to buy, sell, transfer, or share the seller accounts. If you engage in such an activity, your account can easily be suspended. When creating an account remember to input a verified phone number and buyer address to your account. After your account has been approved, click on the sell tab to list your items. Enter all the relevant information keenly. Additionally use high-quality photos or they will be rejected. As easy as that!

Once you have approved a sale, your prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label will be sent to you via email. Your account can easily be suspended if you sell inauthentic items, have more than one seller account, have a seller rating below 50 or if you fail to follow the shipping instructions.  You wouldn’t want to go against the rules in the platform, or would you? The seller fee depends on your location, it ranges from $5-30.

Only when an item is sold is when a commission is charged – 9.5% + a seller fee. Cancellations on orders can lead to a higher commission fee. You can either withdraw your money through the bank account, ACH direct deposit, or Paypal account. There is a 2.9% fee for all cashouts.

3. StockX

Stockx Homepage

If you apply as a seller you can either get paid through Paypal, electronic ACH transfer to your bank account, debit or Venmo. Remember to input the right information for your payout. Don’t try to act smart to prevent the opportunity from being taken away from you. The seller shipping rate is different in different regions. These range from free to a maximum of $30.

Once a transaction is complete, the shipping deadline can be found in the confirmation email sent. Moreover, shipment ranges between 2 and 5 business days. On the platform, you just need to search for your product and set your price. From there, you won’t need to take any product pictures or share any personal information.

The global reach extends to millions of customers in over 200 countries. What a good amount of potential customers! They also offer some of the lowest commission rates in the industry. Hence, the more you sell the lower the rates.

4. Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods Homepage

Stadium Goods is a great platform that allows the selling of sneaker shoes. You simply need to create a seller account, list the sneakers, and wait for the approval. You are then required to deliver the items for inspection.

The items will then be advertised on the platform and other sale channels. Once the items are sold, you get paid via the ACH bank deposit. The platform only accepts new or unused sneakers. You first need to create an account through the seller’s account and once approved sell the items. Once the item gets sold Stadium Goods takes 20 % of the sale money as commission.

The ticket includes the condition, size, and price of all the items. It takes about 1-3 business days for the tickets to be reviewed. You will always be notified during the approval of items. Moreover, the platform allows you to adjust the prices of your items.

5. Klekt

Klekt Homepage

Selling on Klekt is easy. Once your item has been sold, confirm within 24 hours, prepare the item for shipping, and drop the item off at a shipping point. As simple as that! The support at Klekt will authenticate the item. Once the buyer receives the item, they process the payment. On the platform, you can list unused deadstock sneakers, streetwear, and accessories. They also accept used items. However, you need to highlight that the items are used.

For the new items, they need to be brand new and with no signs of having been worn. There is also the super seller program which is a community of dedicated sellers that want to grow their sales on Klekt. It comes with a lot of benefits that can help you as a seller.

The authentication process takes between 1-2 days. However, the rarer items may take longer before they get authenticated. All orders must be shipped within 48 hours of accepting the order. You will get your payout funds through Paypal. Make the best of the opportunity to sell your items.

6. Kixify

Kixify Homepage

It is easy to sign up and create an account on the platform. You can then upload products and start selling in a few minutes. Creating an account is completely free. Only when you sell is when a transaction fee of 8% is charged at checkout. Fortunately, there are no listing fees, setup fees, or monthly fees. What more would you ask for in a resell platform? Grab the opportunity, you won’t regret it.

Additionally, there is no limit on the number of products that you can upload, but for similar products, consider grouping them. Additionally, you get paid through Paypal. Once you create an account, you have full control of the sales and your account. However, Kixify helps you along the process.

7. Novelship

Novelship Homepage

This is another amazing platform that you can use to sell sneakers. It is one of Asia’s fastest-growing marketplace. You are guaranteed 100% authentic limited edition sneakers. Additionally, you can sell any of the sneakers from reputable companies. The platform sticks to selling only authentic items. As a seller what you need to do is to search for your desired item, place a listing with your desired price, and sell at the highest offer.

In the platform, once a buyer requests an item, the seller sends the product to the platform. The seller is also provided with relevant information on how to ship to prevent any damage when sending the items. The logistic partners then send the product to the nearest processing center. The product is closely scrutinized by photo-taking, checking the quality, and authentication. The product then gets delivered to the customer.

8. Poshmark

Poshmark Homepage

This is another platform that connects sellers with remarkable buyers to get the best sneakers in the market. Additionally, it allows the sale of a wide variety of items. You can create an account and list items for sale on Poshmark.

In Poshmark adding a listing is easy. First, create an account and make a listing. Then take a photo of the item that you want to sell, write a description, and set the price. Once the item is bought, send the pre-addressed shipping label. All you have to do is to print it out, package the item and drop it at the corner mailbox. Poshmark will carry forward from that.

You can then withdraw your earnings from Poshmark for free. For sales that are less than $15 Poshmark charges a flat rate of $2.95. However, for sales of $15 and above you will be charged 20% of the listing price then you keep the rest. That’s a fair deal, dont’t you think?

9. Laced

Laced Homepage

This is another platform that you can use to sell items. Create an account with Laced by simply clicking the login or sign up option. The items you sell on the platform must be authentic and brand new. The sales on the website are anonymous in that only the Laced personnel know the sellers and buyers. However, all the purchases are made securely.

All the amounts gotten can be paid out in GBP. However, if your account is not GBP, the funds can be converted to your local currency. If you are not in the UK you can consult the support team on how you will be withdrawing funds. The authentication process is mainly done by the expert team. As a seller, you have two working days to ship the items. Shipping costs are often calculated at checkout and are based on your region and displayed when you list an item.

10. Kickstw

Kickstw Homepage

This is another remarkable store that you can use to sell your items. They charge a 17% fee of the price you agree to list the item or a minimum of $25 AUD. You can go to the consignment page and fill out the form where you will list the items at the suggested prices. After that, you will be provided with a consignment reference ID once you submit it.

You can then finalize the prices with the store staff who will review the items. The store accepts both new and pre-owned items. Once your item is paid, you will be paid to the bank account after the item is sold. If you want to reduce the price of the item, you can contact the support team.


Don’t get worried about how best you can sell your items. You can use any of these platforms to make your sales. Even though there is a certain amount that is charged, it is still worthwhile because you will sell your items. Imagine leaving the items in your storage room at home, they might even get spoilt. Choose the wise way.


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