Sieupreme Bot by Backdoor

Sieupreme Bot by Backdoor is one of sneaker copping bots that work well with Supreme sites. Aside from using it to cop sneakers, you can also use it to cop other Supreme items like clothing, apparel, and other accessories.

What is Sieupreme Bot by Backdoor?

Supreme sneakers are some of the most sort after sneakers in the market. For their limited-edition releases, they get sold out in minutes because of the competition involved. To stay ahead of the copping game as far as copping on Supreme sites is concerned, you need to use either a Supreme bot or an AIO bot that provides support for Supreme – Sieupreme Bot by Backdoor is one of such bots.

Adisplash by Bckdoor

Sieupreme Bot by Backdoor is functional, easy to use, and beginner-friendly. Its development team (Backdoor) is the team behind Adisplash. This team is an experienced one, and they are always working round the clock to ensure that the bot is not broken. When Supreme makes any change to their system, they make sure they account for those changes and roll them to their existing customers free of charge.

How Does It Work?

Sieupreme Bot by Backdoor is an automation bot. It does nothing special aside from replicating the steps you will take while making purchase on Supreme platforms – it basically consumes Supreme sites APIs and interacts with it programmatically. However, it does it at speed much faster than a human can, usually in a few seconds. It can also cop more at a time. The bot comes with a User Interface that you can use to talk to the bot’s backend and get it to work. to learn how to use this bot effectively, watch the video below.

Sieupreme Bot by Backdoor Features

What makes a bot functional powerful is the features that come with it. and when it comes to this regard, Sieupreme Bot by Backdoor has got a good number of features.  Let take a look at a few of these features below.

Easy to Use

Sieupreme Bot by Backdoor comes with an intuitive and beginner-friendly interface. This makes using the bot as fluid as possible, even for first-time users. Because it is easy to use, you can hit the ground running and not spend a huge part of your time learning how to use it.

Multithread Support

Sieupreme Bot by Backdoor has support for Multithreading. Multithreading is the technical word for multitasking. With this bot, you can create a good number of tasks, and they will all run concurrently. this comes handy for sneaker resellers that need to cop more pairs.

Captcha Solver

As a sneaker copper, expect to meet captchas on your way to success, and if you are not careful, they will frustrate you. There are some bots that make solving captchas easy, and Sieupreme Bot by Backdoor is one of such bots in the market. Because the process of solving the captchas is easy, you end up spending less than.


Backdoor, the developer of this bot, sells it for $200. The bot strives on a onetime payment option and does not require you to pay for subscription and updates.

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If you are interested in using the Sieupreme Bot by Backdoor, then head over to the Backdoor website and pay for a license – it is a one-time payment for the lifetime of the bot.


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