Are you looking forward to automating the checkout process on many sneakers and clothing websites? Then let me introduce the Scottbot to you.

What is Scottbot?

It becomes self-denial when you are trying to get things done manually when others are doing it automatically, and you are competing against them – you will lose out. Whenever you are up for any sneaker or apparel release, and it is a limited-edition release, you need to make use of an automation bot to increase your chances, and the Scottbot is one of the automation bots you can use. This bot has support for a good number of sites, and you can set it and leave it for it to do the job for you.

Scottbot is an easy to use tool. One thing you will come to like about this tool is that its user interface is clean and intuitive. With these, even first-time users will not find it difficult to use. Interestingly, they have a quick support system that is in place to help you out if you need any form of help making use of the bot.

How Does Scottbot Work?

Scottbot is an automation bot with the responsibility to automate checkout workflow on many sites. As a web bot, all it does is that it sends web requests to these sites on your behalf and does so in a stealthy nature. It does this by replicating requests your browser sends when you are using it to make a purchase. The difference between this bot and your browser is that it does it at a very fast speed and, as such, increases your chances than when you do it manually.

The bot is actually an advanced bot that has what it takes to evade detection and anti-bot systems. However, on the surface, it does not look complex and advanced. This is made possible by the simple modern user interface. The interface is minimal and easy to use. Watch the video below to learn how to make use of this bot.

Scottbot Features

This bot has a good number of features. Let take a look at some of them below.

Stock Monitoring System

One of the features I find interesting about this bot is its support for monitoring stock. With this bot, you will not need to refresh your browser to know when an item you are interested in has been restocked. All you need to do is to set the bot up, and it will monitor and makes a purchase when available.

Blazing Checkout Speed

Velox has an impressive checkout speed that you will like. In fact, you can enjoy as high as a checkout speed of fewer than 2 seconds. This, together with its touchless checkout flow and the fact that it supports many sites, makes it a good bot to have on your bot list.


Scottbot pricing is yearly. For the first year, you will have to pay $200, after which the bot is subjected to a renewal fee of $150 yearly.

Join the Scottbot Community Today

If you are interested in making use of this bot, then you can head over to the Scottbot website and make a purchase. The bot gets easily sold out, and as such, if the bot is not available, you can contact them to know when they will be restocking.


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