Scarlet Proxies

If your concern is about a secure and fast proxy server, you could choose Scarlet Proxies because they support both datacenter and residential proxies.

Scarlet Proxies – an Overview

Scarlet Proxies

Following, let’s consider the properties of Scarlet Proxies.

Proxy types

As indicated earlier, Scarlet Proxies consist of datacenter ISP proxies and residential proxies. Here the datacenter nodes are the private ISP Proxies. These proxies are private because only one person can use them, hence making them fast. Unlike the typical datacenter proxies, which emanate from datacenter servers, Scarlet datacenter proxies come from ISP-based datacenter.

Secondly, there are the residential proxies in Scarlet proxies. These proxies come in two brands, which are edge residential and lite residential. The edge one seems more IP-pool than the lite one.


Scarlet Proxies charges its packages per bandwidth except for ISP proxies. That means the higher bandwidth you want, the more the cost. Still, the packages of this site depend on proxy types. For example, the edge residential plan has 32$, lite ($24), and ISP is $62.5. Generally, the ISP package is more expensive than the rest because it has unlimited bandwidth.

99.9% Uptime

If your bandwidth is consistent, you can use Scarlet Proxies with a stable uptime of 99.99%. That means that there is no time you receive network bottlenecks like connection loss or timeouts.

Uses Username and Password Authentication

Anybody can access a proxy port-even if paid for- unless you privatize it with a password or a username. When you register with Scarlet Proxy, its system requires you to input discrete proxy/username details. In case you forget these details, the system has a way to recover them.

Response Via Customer Support

You can contact Scarlet Proxies customer support using their Gmail address or Twitter. But after contacting them, you should ensure they are responsive and operate 24/7.

But that is not all, because if you want more info about them, please visit their website.


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