This page will provide you a brief description of Py_rates, a popular cook group that will help you accelerate your success in sneaker copping.

Py_rates – an Overview

Py_rates is a sneaker cook group that helps members with guides, tools, and groupbuy opportunities, and many more. With a good number of practices are kept hidden and remain a secret, with the Py_rates cook group, nothing remains a secret as all of the grey areas becomes demystified. Just like every other cook group, there are a good number of privileges you will enjoy as a member of the Py_rates cook group – and the membership to this group is affordable and even cheap when you consider the benefits provided.

Because of the enormous benefits members get, the membership of this cook group is highly competitive and is almost always sold out. Becoming a member is only possible immediately keys are for sale as they get sold out in no-time.

Major Features of Py_rates

If you are asking what you will enjoy if you obtain membership in this group, then below are some of them.

Social Media Monitors

The Py_rates provide you access to a social media monitor that monitors Twitter and Instagram for release information. This will provide you quick access to information which is required in other for you to better prepare for releases.

Discounted Proxies

The Py_rates has its own residential proxy network that you can make use of. The proxy network has support for 20 countries, has been optimized for sneaker copping, – and even provides you access to city-based proxies. They are fast and secure. Py_rates members can buy at a discounted pricing.

Access to Groupbuys

If you are looking for a community where you can put together funds to buy bots and other resources, then Py_rates is the community for you. They make it possible for members to put resources together in other to spend less to make use of tools that have support for groupbuys.

Join the Py_rates today

The above are just a few of what you stand to gain by being a member of this group. There are a lot more, including weekly resells advice you help you make a profit and more. To become a member of this cook group, you can head over to the Py_rates website now for membership. The membership is paid.


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