I know there are many cheap proxies out there, but the ones provided by Proxy6 are a different kind of breed. Continue reading to learn more about Proxy6.

Proxy6 Proxies – an Overview

Proxy6 provides both IPv4 and IPv6 proxies. They equally have both private and shared proxies for IPv4 and IPv6. One thing you’ll get to like their proxies for is that they have an acceptable location coverage in the United States and the EU region. The pricing of their proxies, though not breaking any record, is actually cheap and quite affordable. They have served over 150,000 users and have over 200,000 proxies working on average at any given time. But what are the advantages of using Proxy6 proxies?

A lot. Everything is automated, and proxies are delivered in a timely manner. Their plan is flexible. You can go as low as buying only one proxy and buying it for only a week and as much proxies as you need for a year – it all depends on your choice. Their proxies are compatible with both HTTPS and SOCKS tools. Visit the Proxy6 website for more information.



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