Proxy Fish

Permit me to introduce you to a proxy provider that brings a lot of features and twist to the table – ProxyFish, a provider with its own unique ways of meeting the need of both small and big businesses.

ProxyFish Proxies – an Overview

ProxyFish cater to both individuals and businesses – you can even buy proxies for resale from them. ProxyFish proxies are highly optimized to provide low latency and the high speed needed to achieve your Internet marketing aims. Interestingly, their proxies set no bandwidth limit and do not in any way, keep logs of their users’ activities. To make setting up easier, they have a browser extension.

They have proxies in multiple locations and also have multiple IP subnets. If you do not have money to pay for their proxies, they do have free proxies for use, but you have to be mindful of a few things. You will not have access to their customer support, be able to use their browser extension. Their free proxies are also not reliable and very slow. Visit the ProxyFish website for more information.



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