ProtonAIO is an All in One bot focused majorly on Shopify sneaker sites. with it, you can cop from over 100 Shopify-based stores – with more site support coming soon.

What is ProtonAIO?


ProtonAIO is an AIO sneaker copping bot. However, it is not your conventional AIO bot without specialty – it is specialized in copping only from Shopify stores for now. It currently supports over a hundred stores with a custom Shopify store adding capability. This bot has been so built with expertise that your chance of sweeping a drop is greatly increased. Interestingly, it also has a clean and intuitive look and feel.

How Does It Work?

ProtonAIO does not do anything magical; it mimics the steps you take in purchasing from these sites. However, it does it very fast, and as such, your chances of success is increased. To learn how to use this bot, watch the video featured below.

ProtonAIO Features

While ProtonAIO does not look complex to the eye, what goes behind the scene in its backend is complex. This is because of the features it comes with that ensure you destroy each and every drop you participate in without offering you a guarantee. Let take a look at some of these features.

Remote Control

ProtonAIO comes with an iOS mobile app that you can use to control the bot. this does away with the conventional way of botting where you have to be close to your computer during drops. This makes copping a better experience.

Built-in Support

One of the outstanding features of ProtonAIO is that you do not have to visit their website to contact their support team. Baked into the bot is a feature that connects you to support directly, to reduce your hassles when you need help.

Modern GUI

People think beautifying bot GUI is not a necessity. Well, the team behind ProtonAIO has a contrary opinion as they have developed this bot to be a fresh, clean, and with a  modern user interface that is user-friendly.

Human Mimicking

Shopify stores are becoming smarter in their fight against botting, and one of the ways they can detect a bot is by seeing if the actions truly are from a human or the fast pace of a bot. to evade this detection, ProtonAIO has come up with ways to evade this by mimicking human behaviors.


Compared to other sneaker bots, ProtonAIO is not an expensive option. with $99.99, you can get a copy of this bot and sweep those drops in a few seconds.

Join the ProtonAIO Family

If the sneaker release sites you are interested in are hosted on Shopify, then, ProtonAIO should be one of your options. Learn more about them from their website.


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