Project Destroyer

Project Destroyer is a premium AIO Bot used for copping sneakers from over 100 popular sneaker stores online. It is one of the best in the market so far.

What is Project Destroyer?

Project Destoryer

Project Destroyer is an automated add to cart and checkout software for limited-edition sneakers, clothing, and some accessories. It simplifies the whole process of adding an item to the cart and then checking it out. It does this very fast, thereby increasing your chances of having a pair before the inventory is empty. Project Destroyer gives you an edge on drop days.

How Does It Work?

The team behind Project Destroyer is aware that most of their users are not techies, and as such, they made the interface as easy and intuitive as possible. They created a video tutorial for their users to learn how to use the bot. Below is the video.

Project Destroyer Features

Project Destroyer comes with some features that make it a beast when compared to other bots in the market. These features have kept them ahead of others in the market. Some of these are discussed below.

Support Over 100 Sites

When it comes to store support, Project Destroyer is a leader in this regard. It provides support for Footsites, Supreme sites, Yeezy Supply, Adidas, and Shopify stores among others. However, it is yet to provide support for Nike.

Captchas Solver

The developers built this bot with the awareness of how captchas can mess sneakerheads on drop days, and as such, the bot comes with a new captcha harvesting logic that makes solving of captchas a lot easier.

Mass Task Editing

Most users of sneaker copping bots are resellers, and as such, they are known to create a lot of tasks at ones that will run concurrently. Creating and editing these tasks takes a lot of time. However, with Project Destroyer, you can edit these tasks in bulk instead of editing them one after the other.

Proxy and Account Grouping

As I stated earlier, this bot is an AIO Bot. this means that you need a lot of organization to remain efficient. To help you with the organization, Project Destroyer makes it possible for you to group your accounts and proxies, so you know which group of proxies and accounts to use for which store.


Project destroyer is a premium bot, and as such, it is a bit pricy. it cost $450, and then you need to pay a bi-annual renewal of $150. Looking at what you stand to gain from using the bot, this is worth it.

Get this Bot Today!

This bot is competitive, and as such, it usually gets sold out. rush to their website and make a purchase so you can have an edge on drop dates. Buy Project Destroyer now!


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