Prime Raffles

This sneaker copping market has been proliferated with many sneaker bots that you find it difficult to make a choice. The Prime Raffle is one of the options available to you. This page will give you a description of this raffle entry bot.

What is Prime Raffle Bot?

The Prime Raffle Bot is one of the sneaker raffle bots in the market. Sneaker raffle bots are not like regular bots that use the speed competitive required in a first-come-first-serve release. In a raffle release, speed is not the most important thing – luck plays a huge role in it. What sneaker raffle bots do is that they send as many entries as you wish so that your chances of getting an entry that will be successful will be increased. However, speed is also important. The bot has helped a good number of sneakerheads secure themselves pairs and avoid paying resale prices.

Unlike other bots in the market that have a well-detailed description on their web page, the website of this bot is very minimalistic in approach. Being that as it may, we had to dig deeper to find the information you as an intending user will not have at your disposal. Before I continue, you need to know that this bot is just like every other sneaker bots in the market, and they are not providing you any form of guarantee that you will succeed – all they do s increase your chances just like every other bot.

How Does the Prime Raffle Bot Work?

The Prime Raffle bot is an automation bot, and just like every other automation bot, it does nothing much more than replicates tasks you carry out yourself. In this case, send raffle entries to support with the hope that one of the entries or even many will end up being winning – this is the basis of all sneaker raffle bots. How it does this is simple, it replicates web requests a browser will send if someone is to use it to enter the sneaker raffle. The main reason while you will want to make use of it is that it is not just sending one entry but as many entries as you wish.

This bot is fundamentally different from many other popular sneaker bots in the market. While the popular bot in the market comes with a Graphical User Interface (GUI), this bot comes with a Command Line Interface, which makes it not very friendly to non-technical users. However, if you are a technical user, this bot is one of the bots that you will find easy to make use of. Another thing you need to know is that you will need to provide account, payment, and shipping details for this bot to work. Also important is the need for proxies as entries that can be linked via IP address might be considered to be spam and disqualified.

Major Features of Prime Raffle

From the above, I already stated that this bot is a CLI-based bot, and it might not be beginner-friendly if you are not used to Command-Line Interfaces. Aside from the fact that the bot is CLI-based, it has other features you need to be aware of. Some of these are discussed below.

Windows OS-support Only

The Prime Raffle has support for only the Windows platform. This does not mean that only Windows users can make use of it – it only means that only Windows users can make use of it out of the box. Other users will need to install it on a Windows VPS or a Windows Virtual Machine (VM).

Supports Many Sites

The Prime Raffle bot is an All in One (AIO) bot that supports many sites that covers not just sneaker sites but other ears. According to the information on their Twitter handle, the Prime Raffle bot has support for over 40 sneaker sites. Some of the popular ones in the sneaker market include BSTN, Footlocker reservations EU, Footpatrol Sneakers N Stuff, Bodega, and Undefeated, among others.


To buy this bot, you will have to make a payment of £69.99 upfront. After this first-time payment, you are expected to be making a monthly of £29.99 or £199.99 yearly.

Join the Prime Raffle Community

If you wish to make use of the Prime Raffle to enter raffles and increase your chances of winning, then you can head over to the Prime Raffle bot website now and make a purchase.


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