PazAIO for iOS

PazAIO for iOS is one of the few iPhone compatible sneakers out there with support for a good number of sites. the bot is affordable, simple, and quite powerful.

What is PazAIO?

The PazAIO for iOS is an iOS application developed for sneakerheads and resellers. It automates the process of purchasing limited-edition sneakers and other apparel and streetwear from Shopify and Supreme. If you had tried copping any limited-edition item in the past by yourself, you would know how difficult it is for you to get a limited-edition item. However, with the help of bots, just like PazAIO for iOS, it becomes easy.


PazAIO for iOS comes with an elegantly looking design that is easy to operate. For Supreme sites, you can simply create accounts from the app and even has full checkout automation. While the bot is functional and has recorded successes, it does not provide you any guarantee – ones you have paid for it; you cannot get your money back. However, if you know how to cop, there is a high chance that you will be successful using this bot.

How Does It Work?

PazAIO for iOS is not different from other sneaker bots – what differentiates it with others is platform support. The bot simply automates your actions on the sneaker sites it supports, but it does that at a blazing speed and avoids being detected as a bot. it comes with a user interface and a backend. The user interface is that part of the bot you can see – the text, buttons, text box, and other controls. The backend holds the logic of the bot and is responsible for sending web requests.

PazAIO for iOS Features

This bot comes with a good number of features that make it powerful. The bot in itself is rugged and get regularly updated. This then means that you do not have to worry about it breaking as its developers are always on the lookout for changes made to the sites they support and make changes to the bot to suit the changes made.

Unlimited Task Support

The PazAIO for iOS provides support for adding unlimited tasks to increase your chances of succeeding. Interestingly, this bot comes with support for multithread. This makes it a powerful tool as far as multitasking is concerned. The bot can carry out a good number of tasks concurrently without much performance problems since each task runs on separate threads.

Push Notification

This bot comes with a push notification feature that will draw your attention to the bot when you are not on it, but the bot requires you to carry out a task. If captchas need to solve but you are not on the app, you will get a push notification telling you to come solve the captcha.

Schedule Task Support

With this task scheduler, you do not have to worry about getting late to a drop again. Just set a timer for your tasks and the task will start at the specified time.


PazAIO for iOS sells for only $150, and this payment is for a lifetime. Updates are free.

Join the PazAIO Family

There is no doubt that PazAIO for iOS has been at the heart of some sneakerhead success story; it can be to you too – visit the PazAIO website and order for the bot now.


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