Packetstream Proxies

Let me introduce you to a proxy provider that you can earn money from if you so wish, and if you do not, you can still but proxies from them at a very cheap rate p PacketStream.

PacketStream Proxies – an Overview

PacketStream is a residential proxy provider. They make use of a peer-to-peer network whereby users can opt to join and get paid per bandwidth used. Their proxies are very cheap, and because they make use of IP addresses assigned to residential devices by their Internet Service Providers, they hardly get blocked. This makes them very effective.

You can use them for a variety of tasks, including content verification, price comparison, social media automation, and brand protection, among other things. You can share your bandwidth for $0.10 per GB. To buy a GB from them, it cost $1. This makes them one of the cheapest residential proxy providers in the market. To buy their proxies, visit the PacketStream website.



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