Osiris Raffle Bot

Are you interested in sneaker releases that eligibility is based on a raffle? With a raffle bot like the Osiris Raffle Bot, you can automate your entries and increase your chances in limited-edition releases.

What is Osiris Raffle Bot?

Osiris Raffle Bot is a sneaker bot that has been designed to automate the process of sending entries into raffles. Just in case you are not aware, a good number of sneaker sites are choosing the raffle model partly because of the undue speed advantages sneaker bots enjoy. Interestingly, some sneaker, including the Osiris Raffle Bot, has been developed to increase ones’ chances of succeeding. However, unlike other sneaker bots that speed is their major competitive advantage, raffle bots' main advantage is their ability to send as many entries as you wish in a short period of time.

Osiris Raffle bot might not have a lot of mention. However, it has helped a good number of sneakerheads secure releases and even have extra pairs to resell for profit. With the Osiris Raffle Bot, you can send as many entries into a raffle as you wish. However, it is important you know that no bot will provide you guarantee that you will succeed as the whole process is competitive.

How Does Osiris Raffle Work?

From the surface, you might think this bot is doing something special. While that can be true when you figure in the other advanced features of this bot. at its most basic level, it is nothing more than an automation tool – and like most webbots, all it does is replicate web requests your browser or sneaker retail app sends when you are sending in requests. The interesting thing about this is that it sends many entries, thereby increasing your chances since raffles are a game of chance – and many entries mean your chances being increased.

The Osiris bot is not like other bots that come with a hard to use Command-Line Interface (CLI). This bot comes with an easy to Graphical User Interface (GUI) that you will use to set it up and fee it the information required for a successful cop.

Major Features of Osiris Raffle Bot

With Osiris, you will be making use of a bot that works – thanks to its features. Let take a look at some of the features below.

Anti-Bot System Support

If you intend to automate your tasks on sneaker sites, then you will have to do that without getting noticed as you will lose out when detected. Interestingly, Osiris is aware of this and has put up measures to make it difficult to detect your traffic as bot traffic.

Many Site Support

The Osiris Raffle Bot has not been made for any specific site. You are right to call it an All-in-One (AIO) bot but for raffle releases. It has a good number of sites it supports – and works great on them.


The Osiris Raffle bot is affordable. Unfortunately, it has sold out at the time of writing this article, and as such, there is no price data available.

Join the Osiris Raffle Bot Community

If you are interested in learning more about this bot or using it, you can head over to the Osiris website now.


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