Oculus Aio Bot

Are you interested in accelerating your sneaker business by destroying limited-edition releases and make money from reselling? Then the Oculus AIO Bot is one of the bots available to you. Let take a look at a brief description of the bot.

What is Oculus AIO?

Oculus AIO is an all in one sneaker bot that you can use to cop sneakers from a selected list of sites. They are useful only when you intend to make a purchase of limited-edition releases as they are competitive and easily sold out. With a sneaker bot like Oculus AIO, you will go through the process of adding to cart and checking out swiftly, thereby increasing your chances. Oculus is not just for sneakerheads looking to avoid paying resell prices but for sneaker resellers that need to cop many pairs to sell for profit. With the Oculus AIO bot, you will not have to pay resale prices again.

The Oculus AIO bot is one of the most effective bots out there at affordable prices. Aside from the fact that it is affordable, you will come to appreciate its use of Artificial Intelligence, which makes it effective at solving Captcha. The developers are actively looking out for opportunities. They can make use of Artificial Intelligence to make the bot even better. The bot comes with a simple and clean user interface, a proxy tester, advanced keyword finding, and a responsive customer support team. These and many more all come together to make this bot a bot of choice among many sneakerheads and resellers.

How Does Oculus AIO Work?

If you know how web bots work, then you already know how Oculus AIO work. Oculus AIO is nothing more than automation that can help you purchase limited-edition sneakers from selected sneaker sites. It does this by automating the process of making a purchase on the site – this is done by replicating web requests your browser sends when carrying out a purchase. For this bot to work effectively, you need to provide it proxies, unique payment details and accounts for the target site. If you provide it all of the requirements, you can go back and sit down while it does the heavy lifting for you.

The bot has two parts – the backend and frontend. The functionality of the code, which is the most important, is the backend is advanced, and you have no direct interaction with—your interaction with the backend is via the frontend (user interface). The user interface is simple, clean, and beginner-friendly. You can get started with this bot with less stress because of the intuitive nature of the user interface. To learn how to make use of this bot, watch the video featured below.

Oculus AIO Features

Just like every other sneaker bots in the market, the Oculus AIO bot has its own features that make it the bot of choice among its users. Let take a look at some of these features below.

Supports Many Sites

From the name, you can tell that it is an AIO bot and supports many sites. But you need to know that almost all of the bots that call themselves AIO bots are truly not AIO bots as they only supported a selected list of sites. So, what are the sites the Oculus AIO bot supports? Currently, it supports Shopify sites (over 150 of them) and Supreme. It is under active development to support other sites, including Footlocker, FootAction, ChampSport, and Eastbay.

Anti-Bot Features Included

The Oculus AIO bot has support for anti-bot systems to make sure you are not prevented from botting. This bot has support for proxies and even has a proxy tester tool for checking if the proxies you have will work effectively for your site of target. The bot also has an automatic Captcha solver that employs Artificial Intelligence to make sure Captchas are identified and solved.

Advance Keyword Finding

This bot has a keyword finding tool that can help you find keywords associated with releases so that you can stay informed ahead of the competition. This tool makes use of natural language processing. While this tool will help you look out for keywords, you will do yourself some level of good by doing your own research as they could miss a release.


One thing I have come to like about this tool is that it is cheap and affordable. As of the time of writing this article, the bot is out of stock, and there is no price tag available. However, for those that already have a license, renewal is every 6 months at a price of $50 – and this is for updates.

Join the Oculus AIO Community

This bot is a Windows software and will only run on the Windows platform. Mac and other OS users will have to run this on a Windows VPS. One thing you need to know about the Oculus AIO is that the license easily gets sold out. To get your hands on it, visit the Oculus AIO website and make an inquiry.


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