Nova AIO is one of the sneaker bots that can help you purchase limited-edition sneakers on the go. It is lightweight and optimized for speed, multitasking, and minimizing the use of system resources.

What is Nova AIO?

Nova AIO is an All in One sneaker copping bot with minimal site support. The bot is not as popular as others in the market because the sites it supports are few and not as popular as other sneaker release stores. However, it is as functional as many of them. In fact, it has been programmed to be lightweight in order to use fewer system resources.

nova AIO

The bot has been developed to provide support for both Windows and Mac. The bot license usually gets sold out easily, and as such, you have to follow their Twitter handle to know when they are restocking if it is sold out. Nova AIO supports all regions, provided the sneaker sites support such regions. That means you need to check the location support for the site before paying for this bot.

How Does It Work?

Nova AIO comes with two major components – the backend and a user interface. The backend holds the logic of the bot and is responsible for all the actions the bot support ranging from responding to your clicks to sending requests to the sneaker sites. the user interface is that part of the bot you can see and all the controls you use in giving the bot command.

Nova AIO Features

The Nova AIO sneaker bot comes with some powerful features that make it a powerful beast despite being a lightweight software. These features range from faster checkouts, user-friendly, unlimited tasks creation, and many more. Let take a look at a few of them.

Unlimited Task Creation

While a sneakerhead will want to use a sneaker bot to avoid paying resale prices, a sneaker reseller is a businessman and want to cop more than a pair so he can sell them off for profit. Because of the competitiveness of the game, you cannot afford to wait for one task to complete before starting another else, you will lose out on the rest. To avoid this, Nova AIO allows you to create an unlimited number of tasks and these will all run concurrently.


The Nova AIO bot comes with a dark interface that’s not only beautiful but user-friendly. This makes the bot an easy to use option. this, coupled with the fact that the bot comes with a lean design, makes it beginner-friendly. You do not need much time before you understand the workings of the bot and how to use it.


When it comes to pricing, I must say I cannot call them a cheap option even though they are affordable. This bot requires you to pay $180 for the first 6-months. after the initial 6 months, your license will require a renewal fee of $45 for every 3 months. without paying for this renewal fee, you will not receive further updates.

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To buy this bot, visit the Nova website and pay for a license.


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