Nike Shoe Bot

Nike shoe bot is the best AIO bot used for purchasing high on-demand limited-edition sneakers. This bot is premium, and as such, it is reliable, and make sneaker copping an enjoyable experience.

What is Nike Shoe Bot?

Nike Shoe Bot (NBS) is the first sneaker bot publicly available in the sneaker botting market. It is an add to cart program that can be used to add sneakers to online store carts and check them out quickly. The team behind the development of the Nike Shoe Bot is an experienced, competent, and professional one. This had led them to develop this bot from a one-time Nike Shoe Bot to an All in One sneaker bot.

Nike Shoe Bot

This bot is premium and arguably the best, most functional, and one of the bots with ease of usage, because of these, the Nike Shoe Bot is slightly more expensive than other bots. However, considering the feature and the reliability that comes with it, the bot is highly-worth the price.

How Does It Work?

Below are the steps required for you to set up the Nike Shoe Bot.

  • The first thing to do is to add proxies to the bot. click the proxies menu, enter a name for the list, and copy-paste the proxies.
  • The next step is to configure your billing profiles. Visit the billing section and click on the New Billing Button and fill the required information.
  • After the billing configuration, next is to set up captchas solvers. Go to the Captchas section and do that (watch the video above for better understanding).
  • Now enter your profile login details for your account in the Profile Area.
  • After the above steps, you are now ready to create tasks. Click on the Create Task Button, and the task creation interface will popup. Fill in the required details and submit the form.
  • After creating the number of tasks, the next step is to click the Start or Start All button. This will put the bot to action.

Nike Shoe Bot Features

Being the first bot in the market and still maintaining the title as one of the market leaders, it is wise to say that there are some features that get sneakerheads to remain with them despite the introduction of other bots with unique twists into the market. Let take a look at few of these features.

Supports Over 100 Sneaker Stores

The Nike Shoe Bot provides support for a host of other Sneaker sites. Aside from being premium, this becomes one of the reasons the bot is expensive compared to others. This bot supports the 4 major Footsites, Supreme sites, as well as over 100 Shopify-based sneaker stores – it dropped support for Nike sites but stated that it would be supporting them soon. This makes the bot an AIO bot even though it does not seems obvious because of its name.

Ease of Installation and Updating

This bot is very easy to install. After making payment, the bot is sent to you via email, together with a user guide, to make sure that you get all the required information for you to successfully set up the bot and get it to work. To further make things easier for you, the bot also comes with an automatic update feature where you do not have to worry about updates as that’s done for you.

Smart Features and Techniques

Nike Shoe Bot is a smart bot that comes integrated with some smart techniques to make copping easier and increase your chances. The bot has the potential of bypassing queue in Shopify sites. It also has the ability to keep you logged in to sites that automatically logs you out after sometimes in a bid to prevent fraud and spam.

Powerful Captchas Solver

As a bot sends requests to a sneaker site, it will get to the point that such bot will be prevented from functioning until captchas are solved. The Nike Shoe Bot comes with a powerful captchas solver that makes solving captchas a breeze.

Multiple Task Editing

Task management in Nike Shoe Bot is easy, and you can create multiple tasks on the fly. Aside from creating tasks, you can also edit them in bulk and do other task management stuff at ones.


Like I stated earlier, Nike Shoe Bot is kind of expensive compared to others. Its pricing model is based on the subscription model, and the price of the bot per year is $499. You’ll have to renew your subscription after each year for you to continue copping with Nike Shoe Bot.

Become a Nike Shoe Bot User Today

A lot of sneakerheads and sneaker resellers have used this bot, and the results they got were overwhelming. Their customer support is quite great which makes the level of satisfaction enjoyed in all to be top-notch. If you wish to become a Nike Shoe Bot users and cop those limited edition sneakers, visit their website and other for it now!



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