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If you need residential, captcha, or data center proxies, you should check Midnight Proxies. They have the most affordable and efficient proxies you may need.

Midnight Proxies – An Overview

Midnight Proxies have the best residential, captcha, and datacenter proxies to ensure you get total anonymity. They come with a high-tech IP authentication feature that helps encrypt your login information.

Midnight Proxies homepage

They also have a money-back feature; this ensures you get your cash back if you don’t like their services. This feature is only allowed within 48 hours of purchasing a data plan.

Midnight Proxies also have these outstanding features available on their webpage.

Static and rotating option

Midnight Proxies have an option to change your proxies every few minutes. This feature makes IP addresses change automatically after every few minutes. This feature also allows changing upon command instantly.


Midnight Proxies are among the best Proxy providers who offer affordable data plans. Prices differ for different data plans; they also come with 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, and 10GB. The prices start from $40 for the 2GB package and increase for the larger packages.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unlike most other proxy providers, Midnight Proxies gives you unlimited bandwidth for all their data plans. This enables you to send a total number of requests without having to incur any extra charges.

Fully anonymous

Midnight Proxies give you premium residential proxies that are completely anonymous. This means that there is no chance of your IP address leaking. This is made possible by their vast pool of IPs that allow you to use up to 10 IPs at a time.

Responsive customer care

Midnight Proxies have a team of professional customer support that will give you genuine-time assistance. They have multiple platforms where you can send queries, including Twitter and their official email address.


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