Have you heard about MEKRobotics and have been wondering what it is? If you try visiting the MEKRobotics website, you will discover that the homepage is blank, and meant for just logging into their dashboard. Learn more from the below.

What is MEKRobotics?

MEKRobotics is a sneaker copping platform that consists of both MEKpreme and MEKAIO. These two are automation software that has been developed to automate the process of buying limited-edition sneakers. They do not only automate the process, but they also make sure it is done very fast since sneaker copping in most cases is a game of speed – and first come, first serve. They have been designed to evade all forms of detection and spam filters put in place by sneaker sites. This then means that you won’t face any block while using this platform.


Currently, the MEKpreme is the only available program on the MEKRobotics platform. MEKAIO has been pulled down, but the developers have promised to bring it up when the time is right. For now, you can only use the MEKRobotics platform for slaying Supreme sneakers.

How Does it Work?

MEKRobotics is no different from any other sneaker copping bot. It takes in your payment and shipping details, goes through the process of purchase as humans will, add the item to the cart, and check out using the stored payment and shipping details. It does so in a fast manner in other to increase your chances of copping before the sneaker gets sold out. It also incorporates techniques to evade anti-bot systems and appear as a regular user.

MEKRobotics Major Features

The MEKRobotics platform makes it easy and possible to cop limited-edition sneakers. Some of the features that make this possible are discussed below.

Anti-bot Evasion System

One of the most important features that MEKRobotics incorporated into their bots is an anti-bot evasion system. Sneakers do not like automation bot having undue advantages and depriving real users of buying. Because of this, they put in place systems to detect and block bots. MEKRobotics, in turn, put in place measures to circumvent the bot checks.

Regular Updates

Sneaker sites change faster than you think. Some changes are made to increase better user experience; some are made to fix bugs, while others are targeted at sneaker bots to make them non-performing. Whatever the kind of update, a bot is supposed to make an adjustment after most updates on a site it support. MEKRobotics does that regularly.


MEKRobotics is not an expensive platform. For their MEKpreme, the license fee for the first time is $168 and goes for 6 months. Renewal after 6 months will cost you $60.

Join the MEKRobotics Platform

To join the MEKRobotics platform, visit the MEKRobotics platform website and register.


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