If you are conversant with the sneaker botting market, chances are there that you must have heard of Kodai. It is one of the most popular and best-performing bots in the market. This bot will be discussed below.

What is Kodai?

Kodai is a premium sneaker bot that provides support for many sneaker release sites – it is an All in One sneaker copping bot. Kodai is not your regular sneaker bot. One thing I have come to realize about Kodai is that it is even more competitive to get its license than the sneakers you are interested in – they are super competitive. Their license is all most always sold out and also has a resale value tool. However, if you are lucky to secure a license when they drop, you will be happy you bought a Kodai license.

kodai aio

Kodai remains one of the bots that had scaled through all the many security challenges posed by the top sneaker sites. The bot came out strong after every major security update, and this has earned it the reputation that got it in the front row when it comes to sneakerheads making decision on the bot to buy. In fact, suffix to say if you are looking for a bot that always works – go for the Kodai AIO bot. Interestingly, its pricing cannot be said to be on the high side as it is affordable.

How Does It Work?

Kodai is an automation tool. It automates the process of purchasing limited edition high on-demand sneakers by consuming the APIs of sites it supports. It does this at a blazing speed and can get more pairs copped at a go. The backend of the bot does all this for you. To get the bot to work, you must interact with it by giving it command. The User Interface is the part of the bot you can use to give the bot command. To learn how to use this bot in the right way, watch the video featured below.

Kodai Features

From the above, I expect you to have an idea that Kodai is not a simple tool – it is a powerful tool that gets the job done. The bot comes with some powerful features that can only be matched by few of the top sneaker bots in the market. Let take a look at some of these features.

Multisite Support

Kodai is an AIO Bot, and as such, it provides support for many websites. Kodai can be used for copping from Shopify stores, Footsites, Adidas, and Supreme. From the look of things, they might add support for Mesh sites soon.

Regular Updates

The team behind Kodai is an experienced one that works round the clock to make sure the bot is in the right form to help its users destroy all drops. They are always on the lookout for updates and they get it done as quick as possible.

Multitasking Support

Kodai is multithreaded. For the uninitiated, if computer software is said to be multithreaded, it means the bot has the capability to carry out more than one task at ones and Kodai can. This makes it possible for you to run all the tasks you create at ones without one hindering the performance of another.


Kodai strives on the subscription model. As a first-time user, you pay $175 for 2 months. After the first 2 months, your license is renewable monthly at a cost of $34.99.

Join the Kodai Community Family

Getting your hand on Kodai license is competitive. The license is almost always sold out. you can visit their website regularly to know when they are on sale or follow their Twitter handle.


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