HS Shopify Bot

HS Shopify Bot is one of the most advanced, affordable, and expansive Shopify copping bots in the market. The bot works on both Windows Operating Systems and Mac Osx. If you’re looking for a bot to cop from any Shopify-based store, go for the HS Shopify Bot.

What is HS Shopify Bot?

HS Shopify Bot is a piece of software that automates the process of purchasing limited-edition high on-demand sneakers and other streetwear products from Shopify sites. The competitive advantage the bot has is its speed and multithreaded support that allows it to carry out more than one task at ones. You’ll agree with me that going through the process of purchasing sneakers over an over again is boring – well, this repetitive process is what bots are good at.

HS Shopify Bot

HS Shopify Bot was developed by Heated Sneaks; a business focused on the development of bots for sneakerheads and resellers. The bot has been optimized for speed and performance. Hardly does it get detected because of its anti-spam evasion techniques that have proven to work over and over again. No doubt, HS Shopify Bot is one of the best in the industry.

How Does It Work?

HS Shopify Bot, at its basic level, is nothing but an automation tool. It sends requests to Shopify-based stores, add items to cart, and check them out as fast as possible. All these happen at the backend, which you do not have access to. For the front-end, also known as the user interface, it is that part of the bot you have access to. To learn how to operate this bot, watch the video featured below.

HS Shopify Bot Features

I mentioned at the beginning of the article that HS Shopify Bot is one of the most advanced bots out there. That’s because it comes with some features that make it powerful. Some of these features are discussed below.

Multiple Site Support

HS Shopify Bot provides support for a good number of Shopify stores such as YeezySupply, Bapes, Kith, and many others. One thing you’ll come to love above HS Shopify Bot is that aside from the sites it supports by default, the bot comes with an option for you to add any Shopify link and cop with ease.

Unlimited Task Support

HS Shopify Bot is multithreaded. This means that it can carry out more than one task at a time concurrently. This makes the bot a multitasker. What’s more interesting is the fact that the number of tasks you can add is unlimited.

Queue Bypass

Some Shopify stores introduced a virtual queue system to fight against bots that use speed as their competitive advantage. While they have been able to stop the activities of some of these bots, they have not been able to stop bots like HS Shopify Bot because they do not even queue in the first place. They add items to carts and move straight to checkout.


HS Shopify Bot strives on the one-time payment model. The cost of the license is $84.99. You won’t be required to pay for renewal or any update.

Buy this Bot

Heated Sneaks has put their experience and expertise into the development of HS Shopify Bot – you can trust them. To buy this bot, visit Heated Sneaks and buy it now.


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