Hex Proxy

what you want is a proxy provider that will offer you a speed that’s unmatched by many others in the industry, then Hex Proxy is the proxy of choice.

Hex Proxy – an Overview

In a proxy market where most of the providers see providing 1Gbps Internet connection speed as an achievement, Hex Proxy went over the bar, providing a whopping 10Gbps. This gives it a whole lot of advantage when it comes to speed. And as you know, when it comes to copping limited-edition sneakers, the speed of your Internet connection is of utmost importance. To better make it suitable for copping, their proxies are located in areas close to where sneaker sites are hosted, thereby reducing ping and latency.

They have different packages, each with their own different plans. The packages are based on location. They have New York proxies, Ashburn proxies, London proxies, and Chicago proxies. To learn more about Hex Proxy, visit the Hex Proxy website now.



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