If you are not ready to settle for anything but the best, then the Ghost SNKRS bot is the best Nike SNKRS bot for you. It is scalable, reliable, and user-friendly.

What is Ghost SNKRS?

The Ghost SNKRS is a Nike SNKRS copping bot. It automates the process of adding Nike sneakers to cart and quickly checking them out on the Nike SNKRS platform. This makes the process of purchasing very swift, giving you the chance to cop more on release date. Without a bot, it’s virtually impossible to get your hands on limited-edition Nike sneakers. But with bots like Ghost SNKRS, it becomes a dream come true.

ghost snkrs

Ghost SNKRS was developed by the team behind Ghost AIO, an AIO Bot that can be used for copping sneakers from popular sneaker stores except for Nike. One thing you’ll come to love about this bot is that it is one of the fastest Nike SNKRS copping bots in the market.

How Does It Work?

Ghost SNKRS is user-friendly. This means that it’s not a complicated software to use even for first-time users. However, I believe you still need a usage guide to help reduce your learning curve and time so you’ll hit the ground running. Watch the video below to learn how to set up and use the bot.

Ghost SNKRS Features

Ghost SNKRS was developed to minimize your chances of failure and make copping Nike sneakers an enjoyable experience. Because of these, it comes with some powerful features to reduce your work. Let take a look at some of these features.

Account Generator

The creation of Nike accounts is repetitive, boring, and somehow time-consuming. The Ghost SNKRS bot comes with an account generator that is baked into the bot that will help you create an unlimited Nike accounts with minimal effort from your side.

Access Checker

Nike sometimes make drops that are exclusive for a subset of their users. This bot can help you check your accounts that are permitted and the ones restricted from the drop. This will reduce the time you’ll waste trying to check this out manually, which might end up letting you miss the drop.

Decent Analytics

Ghost SNKRS does not only help you quickly add to cart and check out, but it also presents you analytics of the job it has done. With Ghost SNKRS analytics, you can track your tasks to know the wins and lose and the account associated with these.

Multithread Support

When it comes to concurrent task support, Ghost SNKRS bot is a force to reckoned with. The tasks you create do not have to wait for each other to stop before they can start. They work concurrently. The bot has multitasking capabilities.

Blazing Fast Entries

This is one of the features that increase your chances of succeeding. The bot is very fast and can quickly add the items to cart and check them out at a blazingly fast speed.


Ghost SNKRS has a very friendly pricing model. The first payment you will make is $250, and you’ll be given access to the bot and all the updates for 6 months. After this, you’re required to pay $60 for renewal every 6 months.

Join the Ghost SNKRS Bot Family

If you are truly serious about copping Nike sneakers, then you have to pitch your tent with a bot that will not only get the job done but will get it done perfectly and reduce work at your own end. Ghost SNKRS is one of such bots. Buy it from the official Ghost SNKRS website now.


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