Fusion Adidas Bot

While not as popular as other sneaker bots in the market, Fusion Adidas Bot is one of the sneakers that have been found to really work with Adidas sites.

What is Fusion Adidas Bot?

fusion adidas bot

Fusion Adidas Bot is an auto checkout automation bot built for Adidas sneaker coppers. With this bot, you do not have to pay resale price again as it will help you cop at retail price. It does more than just checking out an item in the cart; it adds items to cart too. What makes this bot so powerful is its speed – it is blazingly fast.

How Does It Work?

Fusion Adidas Bot does it work the same way humans do on Adidas sites. it has a graphical user interface that you interact with. Your interactions with this interface are sent to the bot’s backend which then processes it and sends it to Adidas web servers.

Fusion Adidas Bot Features

Fusion Adidas Bot comes with some features that make a lot of people stick to it. some of these are discussed below.


Most bots come with platform restrictions. Most are Windows-based and will require to run it on a VPS for it to function on other computers. However, this is not the case with Fusion Adidas Bot as it provides support for both Windows and Mac.

Cloud Storage

With Fusion Adidas Bot, you are not tied to a particular computer. This is because data submitted to the bot excluding your billing details are saved in cloud storage. This makes it possible for you to log in to the bot from any other computer and still retain your data.


This bot allows you to add a good number of tasks, and these will all run concurrently and fast – thanks to its multithreaded capability.


Fusion Adidas Bot is a subscription-based tool. A monthly subscription to the bot costs $19.99.

Buy this Bot Now

If you are interested in buying this bot, kindly go to the official Fusion Bot website and make your order.


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