Flipnode Proxies

The residential proxy market is dominated by premium providers – Flipnode inclusive. This post will reveal provide an overview of Flipnode and its proxies.

Flipnode Proxies – an Overview

Flipnode is a residential proxy provider. Their proxies are backconnect proxies that change IP addresses after every 5 minutes. It prides itself as the fastest proxy network in the market. However, my finding reveals otherwise as it is not breaking any speed record in the industry and even, not even in the top 2. This does not change the fact that it works. Their proxies are some of the best in the market as they are undetectable because of their smart anti-spam evasion techniques. Unlike many other residential proxies, they come with unlimited bandwidth.

Flipnode proxies are fully compatible with any software that works with either HTTPS or SOCKS5 proxy protocol. The number of IPs in its pool is over 9 million and this is distributed across about 195 countries. With Flipnode, you’ll not have to deal with the difficulty of accessing geo-targeted web content. Visit their website for more detail.



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