Flare AIO Bot

Flare AIO Bot remains one of the best sneaker bots to use on Snipes – it works on Footlocker sites too. The bot does not have much hype surrounding it, and only a handful of sneakerheads are aware of its existence because of the limited sites it provides copping support for.

What is Flare AIO Bot?

Flare AIO Bot prides itself as an AIO Bot. A sneaker AIO bot is a computer program that can be used for copping sneakers from many websites. I used the word prides for a reason – Flare AIO Bot provides support for only Footlocker and Snipes. In fact, in the past, it works best with the two sites, but now, it wins in Footlocker sites are not consistent. However, it still retains its position as one of most functional Snipes bot in the market.

Flare AIO Bot

Flare AIO is still new in the industry; it also has a sister not known as Flare Raffles, meant for mass entering raffles for limited-edition wears. This was developed because traditional sneaker bots like AIO, Cybersole AIO, and Flare AIO Bot, among  others weren’t made for entering raffles. When Flare AIO Bot was introduced, it enjoyed a high success rate that its retail price shoots up to $800. It was unable to maintain the tempo, and its success rate and price have long reduced. However, it is still functional.

How Does It Work?

Flare AIO Bot is a task automation tool. It automates the task of checking out limited-edition sneakers from the sites it supports. This is done by consuming the APIs on the sites and sending requests through them mimicking browsers. Mimicking is a keyword here. Without mimicking, the bot might be flagged off as a bot, and ones that happen, you might lose out in the drop because botting is not allowed. For this bot to work, it comes with a User Interface that you use to communicate with the bot’s backend.

Flare AIO Bot Features

Every publicly available bot that’s sold to sneakerheads and resellers has got some features that keep them competitive, and Flare AIO is not an exception. Flare AIO has got some features that have earned its followership and helped people copped successfully. Some of these will be discussed below.

Multithread Support

Flare AIO Bot was not developed by sneakerheads alone, it targets resellers as well, and as such, it needs to have support for features of interest to resellers. Being multithreaded is one of the key features resellers lookouts for in a bot. This makes the bot run more than a task concurrently. Simply put, Flare AIO Bot multitasks.

Captchas Solver

As a sneakerhead, you just can’t avoid getting distracted by Captchas, and if you are not careful enough, it can make you lose out in a drop. Flare AIO Bot does not have support to stop the occurrence of captchas just like any other bot in the market. However, it can make the process of solving them faster and also reduce their occurrence.


The bot is sold out, and no price is displayed for it right now. However, be assured that it won’t be as high as $800 because its success rate has drastically reduced.

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