Fatal Proxies

Without proxies, you will find it difficult to cop more than a pair of limited-edition sneakers. Let me introduce you to a sneaker proxy provider that will work together with your sneaker bot for a maximum copping result – Fatal Proxies.

Fatal Proxies – an Overview

Accepted, many of the bots in the market can be used for sneaker copping, especially the likes of Luminati, Smartproxy, and Microleaves. However, in many cases, they are mostly at a disadvantage when it comes to sneaker copping because they weren’t optimized for copping sneakers. Fatal Proxies are specially made for copping sneakers and as such, they are optimized for that. The proxy servers of Fatal Proxies are located in Chicago. This brings it closer to where many sneaker sites are hosted. This will then lead to a reduction in pings and latency and ultimately, an increase in speed.

Their plans are different by the site they support. While they have an AIO version (general for sneaker sites), they have Shopify specific proxies. You are expected to pay days before drop since it takes up to a day (sometimes 2 days) before your proxies are delivered to you. To learn more about Fatal Proxies, visit the Fatal Proxies website now.



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