F3ather is one of the best Supreme Bots in the market. The bot is not just functional but also carries out its functions well. Interestingly, the bot is quite popular among Supreme sneakerheads, and as such, getting help when you are stuck isn’t much of a problem.

What is F3ather?

F3ather is a sneaker bot used for copping limited edition sneakers from Supreme sites. F3ather is also called F3. If you are looking for a Supreme bot that has a high chance of succeeding in the next coming drops, then you might have to stick to F3ather. This is because it has been used for destroying recent releases. It even worked on releases that other top bots flopped. This is because the developers of F3 are up and doing.


They are constantly updating the bot that it has consistently scaled through virtually all the security updates meant for fighting and discouraging the use of bots. For those that have used this bot recently, they know that it is one of the leading bots in the market. One thing I have come to like about this bot is that it is easy to use and comes with a modern UI that’s dark and sleek. The only thing I do not like about it is that solving captchas is not as easy as it should for a top bot like F3ather.

How Does It Work?

F3ather is an automation bot that automates the process of purchasing limited-edition sneakers. It does nothing special other than replicating the process you’ll take when making purchases on Supreme sites. It does this by making use of the APIs of these sites. However, it has anti-spam evasion systems to evade detection. The bot comes with a backend and a User Interface. The backend contains the logic of the code and is responsible for communicating with the sites.

The User Interface is more like a control panel, and this is the part you can see. To learn how to use this bot effectively, watch the YouTube video featured below.

F3ather Features

F3ather is a leading sneaker bot for Supreme, and as such, it comes with some powerful features optimized to make them as effective as they are. While the bot still has rooms for Improvements especially in the area of captchas solving, it does have some features that keep it on its toes. Let take a look at them below.

Regular Updates

If there is one single aspect I should comment on F3ather, it certainly on its regular updates. The development team of this bot is compatible and experienced. Their regular updates had made them scale through all the major security update checks by Supreme sites.

Multithread Support

F3ather is a powerful beast as far as its multithreaded capabilities are concerned. In fact, you can create a good number of tasks, and they will all run concurrently. And each will go very fast, thereby increasing your chances.

High Success Rate

Are you looking for a bot that’s designed not to fail and is working as expected? Then hook up with F3ather, you’ll be glad you did. The bot had recorded a great level of success even when other bots failed during surprise updates to Supreme sites.


F3ather is available on both desktop and mobile platforms. For the Windows version, the price is not publicly displayed. However, the mobile version costs only $25.

Join F3ather Community

No doubt, the success rate of F3ather is not something one would argue about. If you want to get a license for this bot, visit the F3ather website and purchase it today.


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