Are you looking for a sneaker bot with a good track of record? Then go for the Eve AIO sneaker bot. It has helped a lot of people cop in the past. It is reliable, fast, and secure. This article will provide a review of this bot.

What is Eve AIO?

Without a sneaker bot, getting your hand on a pair of limited-edition sneakers would be difficult even though it is possible. This is because speed is of great importance in the act of purchasing limited-edition items and as humans, you cannot be as fast as a computer. One of the bots of choice among sneakerheads and resellers is the Eve AIO. Eve AIO is an All in One sneaker bots that you can use for buying sneakers on a good number of sneaker sites. The bot is quite popular among sneakerheads because of the level of success it has earned for itself.

eve aio

Eve AIO was developed by Eve Robotics, a company that specializes in making bots. With their experience, they built Eve AIO into a masterpiece that provides support for Shopify stores, Supreme, Funko, and Footsites, among others. It is very important I state her that Eve AIO no longer enjoys the high rate of success it uses to, but it is still one of the top contenders.

How Does It Work?

Eve AIO is an automation bot. At its basic level, it does nothing more than replicating your actions on the sites it supports by consuming the APIs for the sites. However, the real deal comes with respect to the speed it provides and its multithread capability. The bot also tries as much as possible to avoid detection since being detected is counterproductive. The bot is made of two parts – a backend and a User Interface. The User Interface is the part of the bot you can see and the part you operate. The backend takes care of sending the requests to the sites and contain all the logic of the bot.

Eve AIO Features

Eve AIO has got a good number of features that have helped it stay high among other bots and also remain competitive. let take a look at some of these features below.

Cookie Gatherer

This is one of the features that come with Eve AIO. With this feature, both can help you create cookies for use on UK and US Footsites. This is in a bid to make your requests seem more human.

Queue Bypass

Eve AIO has the potentials of not even joining Shopify queues. It makes use of a host of techniques like the use of dummy products, checkout URLs, and even schedule timing to bypass the queue.

Image Picker

There are some drops that you might not know their keywords on Supreme. Eve AIO makes it easy for you to cop them by clicking on their image when the drop has started.


Eve AIO is not one of the cheapest sneaker bots you can get in the industry. For you to get your hand on this bot, you have to pay $350.

Join the Eve AIO Community

If you are interested in buying this bot, then visit the Eve AIO website and pay for it. the might be sold out when you want to buy. In such a case, I advise you follow them on Twitter to know when they will be restocking again.


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